What steps you took that significantly improved your mental health?

What steps you took that significantly improved your mental health?

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  1. Eating healthier, exercising, learning how to budget, setting aside time specifically for doing things I enjoy such as reading books, playing my instruments, etc instead of sitting on my phone all day every day.
    Edit: forgot MEDITATING. I know it’s not for everyone but meditation has helped me a ton.

  2. Music and Watching anime and avoiding the news, ignoring all hate and learning to laugh more. That what help me a lot especially music, songs I can imagine my self in and being in different world and relaxing.

  3. Get a hobby. A good one. One that you are constantly thinking about what’s next, and you have a new idea and can’t wait to get back to it. Works for me anyway. My mental health takes a nosedive if I don’t have a hobby project.

  4. stopped consuming cannabis because it was making me comfortable with inaction, started working out and eating healthy but not in a stressful way. got some more time in nature and went back to therapy. also if you have a chemical imbalance like I do, putting forth the effort to find a medication/treatment that works can be extremely helpful (:

  5. Initially more exercise and cultivating my relationships with close friends.. then therapy… then estranging my self from other unhealthy people; i.e my family… eventually medication because my progress was way too slow… now I’m here healthy, on my own, and feeling like I’m on a potential path to overall life success.

    Finding meaning and purpose is highly imperative as well.

    This is all a life long journey. There will be ups and downs with psychological health.. even for me.. but so long as we maintain and stay proactive, the blows from the fall can be much softer.

  6. This may seem off but gore videos it just makes you realize the horrors that you family will see when they find your body with your head gone and blood all over the walls I can just cause more pain in your family it can cause a chain reaction someone else in your family could end it Aswell then another and another you get the picture until you left with a dead family and a whole lot of trauma for the family members who don’t end it.

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