What subreddit did you stop visiting and why?

What subreddit did you stop visiting and why?

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  1. I think it was r/trueoffmychest because it was such a downer. I’d be in a good mood and see some of the posts of my feed and just be a buzz kill for the rest of the day.

  2. There was a certain game of thrones subreddit that did nothing but shit on the show for not being exactly like the books. Like they hated Robert Baratheon and Joffrey cause they weren’t tall even tho both actors portrayed them very well

  3. /r/cycling

    Everything in the world is car drivers fault (like most of them don’t own a car as well) and they defend bad and illegal behaviour from cyclists.

  4. [/Bad_Cop_No_Donut](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut/) is a subreddit that either sends you into an anger spiral or a depression spiral.

    Both are bad, neither is good. When during the pandemic media outlets first started talking about doom scrolling about how some people were actively hunting out bad news in a broken sort of coping mechanism, it reminded me of reading this subreddit.

  5. r/Atheism I used to love it but then I came to see it as too toxic. A lot of the users seemed to just hate religion, and anyone who tried to defend or debate their religious faith was bashed or flat out slapped by the mods. There’s some solid people there who truly want to see our freedom from religion defended, but they wind up drowned out in the face of “fuck god”.

  6. startrek. they will temporarily suspend, threaten, or outright ban anyone that complains about the current shows. And if you survive that, you know, it’s still reddit, but it gets nasty if your politics don’t align with the mods *juuuust* right.

  7. At the start of the pandemic, r/StardewValley would have about 20 posts a day of a screen shot where one of the characters said something like “cover your mouth when you cough” and I got so sick of it I left.

  8. /r/upliftingnews for 2 reasons…

    1. a lot of stuff that gets posted there is done earnestly, but not ultimately good. Sometimes straight up bad, but often times just complicated. Tons of pet-related examples of this (e.g. no-kill shelters, etc).
    2. I feel like it’s used more and more lately as a megaphone for politics. And while there’s nothing wrong with finding political things uplifting, politics in general is usually why you need a place like /r/upliftingnews in the first place. It was nice (while it lasted) to have one place where you could just relax and enjoy things without being bombarded by the same political shit that fills up every other corner of the internet.

  9. Arcon. I’m banned anyway and can predict what world they’re living in at any time now anyway. It’s a hate filled angry world punctuacted by endless 😂’s portraying themselves as chill and laughing.

  10. I unfollowed the tooafraidtoask sub. Fuck that place. I asked a question I was really scared of asking due to the situation, and they talked so much shit to me, put me down, and called me all kinds of names.

  11. R/unpopular opinion. There is never a real unpopular opinion anymore. Just safe opinions about which restaurant fries suck or how weed is Overrated.

  12. r/aaaaaaacccccccce . Sooo much bitching, like the ace spectrum is vast, not everything is gonna be relatable. Also that means the popular stuff is the broadest appeal posts which have been done to death

  13. r/noahgettheboat – feels like it attracts horrible people ironically.

    r/morbidquesions and other similar subs – some of the types who browse those subs just make me uncomfortable. Still browse occationally, but try not to spend much time on there.

  14. r/cats

    Too many posts of people’s cats who died. I understand some people find it a helpful way to grieve, but I just can’t handle it. 🙁

  15. r/antiwork It’s basically just people bitching about their boss and quite frankly a lot of the stories boiled down to, “my boss asked me to do the exact thing I am paid to do and I don’t like it.”

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