What sucks about your country?

What sucks about your country?

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  1. Here in Finland, the feeling of general apathy among my countrymen and how everything is so restricted and heavily taxed. Can’t buy alcohol from stores after 9PM, and my favorite brand of booze costs 17€ for 0,5 liters. Cigarettes cost 8,70€ a pack. Need a permit to build a porch. All the bureaucracy if you want to start a business. Can’t smoke elsewhere in bars than outside or in a special room. Small things like this that give this kind of psychological veil of control and restriction, even if they have their reasons to exist and are not objectively too bad.

    When I visited Germany, a 0,7 liter bottle of whiskey costed 6€. Hotel rooms had ashtrays. There was this weird sense of freedom. In some poorer countries, even more so when so much was unregulated, but people still got by and you got the feeling you could just enter a cafe and start working, without any requirements or checks.

    By apathy, I mean that I get the feeling that everyone is more or less demoralized and just keeps complaining. When you compare our nation to our Finno-Ugric brothers in the south in Estonia, they’ve been an independent country for only 30 years, and everywhere I get the feeling people are more optimistic and their outlook in life is positive. After all, they have developed immensely in the last couple of decades and appreciate their independence and existence, while our boom ended decades ago already and stuff we used to be proud of like success in Olympics or Nokia or the best education system in the world is declining or at least stagnating. We have grown too accustomed to this, and can’t appreciate it anymore.

  2. We have an ever-widening divide in political ideology that makes any genuine desire to find a balance and compromise useless. We really are two diametrically opposed societies forced to commingle under one national brand.

  3. Right wingers. Anti-vaxx, anti-mask, coup-attempting, hate-mongering simpletons who don’t even give a shit about right wing politics, they just want to think they’re badasses. Fucking clown country at this point, their politicians are blatantly packing the courts, gerrymandering districts, and making it harder for people to vote. Flying *our* flag *selfishly*, like *they’re* the ones who really love this country. As if getting wasted every 4th of July makes them patriots.

  4. No healthcare from ‘murica got hella freedom just not doctors gotta have money/ a job for that.

    Republicans be like:

    If your not working why do you think you deserve to exsist?

    Democrats got scared and ran away because the republicans were yelling so much about it.

    Muricans regularly being crushed by medical bills (the literal premise of breaking bad) (also regularly posting on charity sites online to get basic medical procedures taken care of.)

    Super cool /s

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