What the hell is going on in the US at the moment? Is it as scary as it seems from the outside?

What the hell is going on in the US at the moment? Is it as scary as it seems from the outside?

What do you think?

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  1. It’s terrifying and demoralizing. And no matter who you vote for, how much you donate, how much you protest, it hardly feels like ti matters. You just feel so powerless.

  2. Yes. But also no, because there’s just been so much shit that we can’t even process it and shut down to protect our sanity, which is even scarier.

  3. We’re getting heavily divided and it feels hopeless no matter which side you’re on. A slight majority is liberal, but most power is held by conservatives. Everyone is a loser. And yes. It’s horrifying.

  4. The US govt is slowly turning into fascism and the only way they can make it work is if they keep the media constantly changing the story of the week. In order to have a story of the week you have to create something very controversial.

    For instance, repealing a Supreme Court decision that has stood for decades. Or suggesting that Ukraine join NATO when recent history (2008/2012) has shown that Russia is willing to go to war if someone brings that up.

    It’s a political circus.

  5. The news will have you believe we’re on the brink of a civil war. In reality none of that is happening. People scream all over social media about how evil the U.S is and how terrified they are then go on living normal lives.

  6. The ruling on the gun issue is great. About time the 2nd amendment was upheld. If you read the ruling from the Supreme Court, it destroys all the anti 2nd amendment “arguments” as being based on emotion and not on reality. Great day for the citizens of the US.

    The abortion issue was thrown back to the states. Each state can decide for themselves. I am 100% pro choice, but it is a states right. It’s a shame that only women with money will be able to go out of one of the oppressive states for a safe abortion. Now it’s up to the residents of each state to obtain their right to abortion from their elected officials.

  7. Progressives are scared/angry/annoyed at the scotus ruling of letting the states choose what they believe should be universal. They also see all religion as evil including Hinduism and Islam. And tgey believe corporations are about to usher in a new 4th reich, including the one the president’s family operates.

    Meanwhile, gas, food, and energy cost go up as the govt adds more and more to money supply but at thecsame time everywhere wages dont go up more than 1-2%.

    And the usual spiel of rules for thee not for me politicians. Gerrymandering for both parties. Latinx is the hispanic equivalent to the n word now.

    Yawn. America doing American things.

  8. Do not panic. All is well!

    An awful lot of Americans don’t understand the context of recent events. I’d be surprised if foreigners understood better, even if other countries have better quality news media.

  9. what you are seeing the results of a long term effort to sabotage rights, and as was said in that one opinion on the ruling, contraception and gay equality is up next

  10. I mean, it’s a return to the politics I remember from the early 2000s, that being arguments over abortion and gay marriage while nothing else gets done, except increasingly worse violations of privacy. I also see there’s a lot more reason to vote for Democrats than a few months ago, which they will happily accept as a reason not to enshrine protections for their favorite causes into law (so they can hold it against everyone in the next election).

  11. No not at all. Women went from having special privileges to being equal to men. In many states they will still have special privileges. As far as I know doctors are still allowed to do whatever they need to do to save a woman’s life in that extremely rare scenario. Women just need to not have a penis inside them with no condom or birth control or morning after pill when they don’t want to risk becoming pregnant. All of those things are cheaper than abortions anyways. It’s extremely simple. I really can’t understand how they fuck this up almost a million times a year in America alone. To me those must be the lowest of the low of society like idiocracy reality tv TikTok people that just can’t stop getting pregnant. I’ve never even had a pregnancy scare or anything as a man because I would be forced to use my body for 18 years to pay the woman. Even if I was drunk and she raped me

  12. Lol weak minded bitches think the fucking Taliban are taking over.

    When in reality it’s more of a metaphorical lawn chair just tipped over.

    Unless you live in like 4 southern states you’ll still be able to abort the parasite.

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