What things should every father teach his son before he’s grown?

What things should every father teach his son before he’s grown?

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  1. It’s first important to note that these are not exclusive to the father (I myself was taught many of these by my mother).

    With that said…

    How to be vulnerable, how to speak clearly, how to breathe well, how to handle stressful situations, how to be kind, how to be generous, the meaning of integrity, how to file taxes, how to lift weights correctly, how to dance confidently, how to change a tire, how to build a computer

  2. That everyone has rights, women does, men does as well, and that no one deserves to be raped, molested, or harassed. Also that it’s alright to be themselves as long as there’s no harm done to others or to themselves. That they aren’t bound by some standards such as men shouldnt be weak. That even women should, but since your question is about what every father should teach their son, men should also learn how to regulate their drinking at least and how dangerous gambling, smoking, and drinking is. How their bodies work in a good way. How to protect themselves as well. There may be more but yeah, that’s all I can think of.

  3. As a father of 3 teenage boys, the one goal I had when I became a father was to teach respect. If they can learn respect, everything else you want to teach them will stem from that. My boys are far from perfect, but I’m extremely proud of who they’ve become.

    Note: I’m not talking about respect for my “authority.” I’m talking about a productive, general respect for everything and everyone.

  4. How to look at women as people even when society and media implies otherwise constantly. I’m trying to date these days and there are a lot of barriers that women have put up in response to men being shitty. The opportunity to prove yourself to strangers you’re cold messaging is diminished as a result.

    I don’t blame women at all. Men are trash. Hopefully the next generation will have better role models but with people like Tate blowing up its really uncertain. My sons will all be raised right and taught to help their friends fix their thinking.

  5. 1) That it’s okay to cry

    2) How to use tools so they don’t have to ‘call the guy’ every time something needs to be fixed

    3) Self defense

    4) That women have absolutely no moral issue with wasting your time so its important to be able to recognize which ones are around you for the right reasons, and which ones you should distance yourself from.

  6. The three T’s.

    If you or your friend are getting bullied at school follow these steps

    1. Talk: Confront the bully and tell him to stop being a dick
    2. Tell: tell atleast two adults about the situation
    3. and only if nothing has been resolved. Tackle: take him to the ground and kick his ass.

  7. To learn from his mistake but more so, to learn from other people’s mistakes. Be careful with the woman he chooses to marry. One lie from her should be a deal breaker. Control the hormones. Know the difference between sexual passion and love. Many people get together and into marriage thinking they are in love is just lust.

  8. How to apologize. You say “I’m sorry”, you restate what you did wrong and/or how you hurt someone, and you make an action statement about it, like, “I will work to make sure I don’t do/say X again” and leave it at that.

    In a similar vein, teach him how to react to someone telling him “No” by modelling it — when you’re told “No”, nod and accept it. It’s okay to ask why, as long as you’re clear that you respect the answer of “no”.

  9. Love Knowledge

    Since the beginning of time there exists everything that makes up the universe as we have come to know it. The vast universe is made up of atoms and energy for which makes up everything that we see today. The planet earth is within the enormous universe and within the planet exists all living things. Currently there exists about 9 million living species on earth whether they are in the sea or land. Basically all species share common traits such as; the need to consume to stay alive and the ability to procreate to continue existing. A plant consumes air, water and light to grow and stay alive and produces seeds in order to continue its existence. A shark is a predator that seeks its food and oftens devours it. All species are in the constant cycle of feeding, developing, procreating and finally dying. I find it astonishing or miraculous that in the visible universe one species stands out as unique in certain aspects. The human being or the homo sapien as known in scientific terms. The uniqueness of the human being if we were to name one thing is the complex brain and ability to think. Since the beginning of human history humans have progressed more than any other living creature on earth. The development of simple tools of our ancestors to the complex creations we see today. Humans have progressed in technology, biology, agriculture, social structure, medicine, and everything and anything it puts in mind to. There is a misconception that other biological species are more intelligent than humans such as dolphins, octopus or primates but that is a fallacy as those species have not been able to improve their conditions of living or change their course of existence to the point that humans have. What a mystery the human mind is and its ability to produce thoughts that inspire, create, destroy, love, hate, heal or make sick. Indeed it is human’s most valuable asset yet in most lives it is taken for granted. Once you have a deep understanding of the value of the mind, what impact would it have on your life?

    Oftentimes when someone possesses something of value or has ownership of something that is deeply valued we take necessary actions in order to keep it safe, nurture it or appreciate it. When I was a child some neighborhood kids were giving away puppies. I wanted a dog and asked if one could be given to me but the older kids just looked at me and walked away leaving me empty handed. Not willing to give up I followed them as they carried several puppies going from house to house trying to give them away. Upon reaching the last houses and not being able to give away the last puppy they became frustrated that they just threw the puppy in my arms and left. The puppy became the most important thing in my life that I fed, played and nurtured that puppy in every way. It should be the same way with our minds as we progress in our way of thinking. It may have positive outcomes in our everyday lives. Being of sound mind, all humans desire to live a life of love, happiness, peace, wealth, connection, value, purpose and success. All these things have a correlation in the way we think. The way we think of others, the world and most importantly the way we think of ourselves.

    Nurturing our minds is accomplished in many ways such as diet, exercise and education. One of the most important ways to nurture our minds is to love to learn. Consume all sorts of knowledge whether it comes from our 5 senses; touch, sight, hearing, taste or smell. There is value in knowing things, especially when we are faced with life challenges. We are living in an age where mental disorders are rampant. Most of these types of disorders stem from the inability to cope with life trauma. The perspective on life becomes so misconstrued that depression, sadness, or confusion may become uncontrollable. In most cases, drug or alcohol abuse is a method to numb those feelings. Our way of thinking sometimes leads to those disorders and I believe our way of thinking can help alleviate them. There could be biological reasons, such as the chemical makeup of our brain fluids that may cause disorders but this is not the majority. The formula to having an ideal way of life is based on thinking and seeking truth, nobility, discretion, purity, love, admirable things, excellence and praiseworthy things. Increasing your knowledge in such and putting them into practice in your life. My Papa would say “Everyone knows something you don’t.” Seek those who you may learn from and sometimes learning from those who have experienced life are the best teachers. Learn to love knowledge my children!

    If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin

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