What tik tok trend gave you anger issues?

What tik tok trend gave you anger issues?

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  1. Hmm let’s see. The one where you lick ice cream at the supermarket, the one where you assault a stranger, or the one where you fling shit at people?

    Has to be one of them

  2. Where kids would post about “hitting licks” at their school which just consisted of stealing things from the school itself. Some idiots even stole a whole urinal from the boys’ bathroom and ended up fucking up the pipe system and it ended up costing the school a lot of money to fix it. Fucking ridiculous!

  3. I really hated the awah awah dog because the owner was full on provoking the animal and harassing him when the dog was obviously upset and wanted to be left alone. Those videos started so many other accounts harassing their chihuahuas and actually tanked the chihuahua adoption rate in America I believe because people thought chihuahuas were aggressive when it was just their owners provoking them.

  4. There’s this one that pisses me off that my Mrs finds hilarious, it’s labelled as a prank, but it’s not a prank is just causing damage to someone’s property Basically girls intentionally slam their boyfriends car doors and film the reaction of them getting mad asking them not to do that and they keep doing it all the while asking “why are you getting mad”

    Now it’s probably fake anyway because most pranks are but say they’re not. These guys obviously car about their cars, why would your partner want to upset you by intentionally causing damage to something they care about. Yeah it’s just an object but not respecting your partners possessions is just shitty.

  5. Two. First of them is the ‘DID trend’. DID is a serious disorder and people shouldn’t fake it for views.

    Second is the ‘autism challenge’. I have autism myself, and it effects my life mostly negative. It makes me really angry to see that people fake it just for some clout.

    TikTok is the worst platform on the internet, 99% of everything uploaded is trash, and people begging for likes and followers. I wouldn’t recommend using TikTok.

  6. I watched one where a fit kid, told everyone it’s okay to starve yourself, to get similar results. And he “starved” himself for a couple weeks and got “swole”. He had a whole shit ton of other bad advice for kids, like running excessively non stop to lose weight immediately, running to the point of, you’d die. I believe some kids will believe what he’s saying. I quit/deleted tiktok and quit.

  7. Every single one of them that includes moms being like the demon, they are not, they do that or your safety, if they see you try to eat something venemous, they may act violent, but think, would you rather die for eating something venemous or being punished and still have your life. On one of them, the reward is losing your life, but on the other one, is keeping your life, so no, seeing people acting moms act like the demon is really the biggest lie i see that people belive on.

  8. The heart beat challenge, I heard about it from youtube (because no way i’m gonna have that cancer tumour) you have a song (forgot which one) and at the beat when the singer says I hear your heart beat, bang on a toilet door when someone is inside to give them a heart attack.

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