What TV show could you just not get into?

What TV show could you just not get into?

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  1. Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy.

    But I’ve seen most of the episodes of these shows against my will during Netflix and Chill time in the 2010’s.

    I could kind of tolerate Always Sunny or the Office if I was stoned, but fuuuuccckkk Grey’s Anatomy. The writing is terrible. How many terrorist attacks happened in Seattle in that universe?

  2. The League.

    Told myself to give it until Jason Mantzoukas’s character was introduced (I think in the second season), but couldn’t even get that far. Even though I already liked a few of the regular actors I think I just barely made it through 5-6 episodes.

  3. The 100.

    I bet if I tried watching it as a teenager I would like it. It’s totally written for a teen audience.

    But since I’m a grumpy 30 yrs old, every time I see a scientific inaccuracy, logical fallacy, or just bad writing it’s such a turn off. I got through the first episode, but not the second.

  4. The Leftovers.

    Heard such amazing things about that show, but after 4 episodes I felt like I as the viewer was the butt of a bad joke with no punchline. Nothing made sense, and there doesn’t seem to be any explanation for any of it. Then I realized that Damon Lindelof seems to do that a lot, and I think I’m just about done with anything he has a hand in.

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