What TV show trope needs to retire?

What TV show trope needs to retire?

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  1. Zombies have been overplayed, give me some ghosts or extraterrestrials at least, time travelers, or beings from other dimensions, even demons are better than zombies at this point.

  2. Writing in a relationship crisis for the main couple just to keep things interesting.

    Or keeping apart two people who would have fucked 6 seasons ago if it were real life, because the writers are milking the romantic tension to death.

  3. The Hallmark Christmas movie.

    Big city business lady has to go to small town for some reason. She and guy meet cute when her Mercedes breaks down on her way to Important Business Meeting. The guy runs the auto shop/hardware store his grandpa opened after the war. Probably goes to veterinary school at night or some shit. Business lady falls in love and learns the True Meaning of Christmas^TM.

  4. The laughter track. There are so many great examples of funny shows that don’t rely on playing canned laughter that I really see it as more of a negative nowadays if any show feels the need to utilise it.

  5. American idol. It used to be like raw talent, now everyone’s been training since they were 3 for the audition and fake as fuck. No real personality, it’s all just a character they put together for the show. And the producers love it.

  6. This has been touched on a little, but the fat dumbass doofus male always has a very attractive wife who doesn’t have much of any reason at all to be married to this guy who only causes her grief.

  7. I really hate when the child is way way more emotionally intelligent than they ought to be. Ghandi type wisdom coming from a 6-year-old. I think movies are worse about this than TV but it still happens. Billy example I can think of right now is the movie The Ultimate Gift. Good movie but it’s definitely guilty of this trope which in my opinion takes away, not adds.

  8. Guy continues to pursue woman even after she’s said no, and his “persistence” eventually pays off.

    Do this in real life and 90% of the time it’s harassment.

  9. The “you need to wait 48 hours before reporting a missing person” thing

    People believe that it’s a real law now you TV show making fucks.

  10. Casting glamorous-looking 25-year-olds as 15-year-olds.

    Not only does it take me out of the setting, but it affects teens’ self-image and probably also affects how adults see kids.

    I understand that when portraying certain subject matter, there are a lot less hoops to jump through if you don’t cast a minor. But at least cast a babyfaced 21-year-old and don’t dress them like they just got off a shoot for Vogue.

  11. 1. The horror movie victim who flees upstairs

    2. The horror movie victims who do not arm themselves

    3. The drama plot that could be solved by 2 minutes of dialogue

    4. The high-end ex military henchman who only has a pistol and doesnt check his area properly

    5. The high end diversity henchman from an exotic land with an exotic melee weapon in a movie full of guns

    6. The series plot that builds expertly toward a percieved end and then “subverts expectations” with some half assed shit out of nowhere

    7. The series plot that progresses and regresses ad infinitum for stupid reasons to preserve romantic tension

    8. The character that fucks up the plot after literally everyone warned them about exactly that

    9. Assholes that learn to be better people and then immediately die.

    10. Mentors who pass on knowledge or items and immediately die

    11. Cute or innocent characters without depth who exist only to die by the villains hand.

    …. I need to stop.

  12. when characters have every reason to just talk or say a very obvious thing out loud but wont, in order to artificially inflate and extend a conflict.

    and when characters get extra dumb suddenly to create pointless conflict to pad episodes.

  13. The romanticization of drug dealers and money laundring

    Jax Teller was a shit person but i stil liked him because of all the
    romanticization , the same goes for Pablo Escobar in Narcos or Tommy Shelby in Peaky blinders.

  14. “Explaining/repeating the joke” humor. And: the “humor” comes from the character’s personality- as in, you know exactly what they’re going to say or do because of the character.


    The Office (US)

    Brooklyn 99

    Parks & Recreation

    Always Sunny

    Schitt’s Creek

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