What type of conditions sounds fake but is real?

What type of conditions sounds fake but is real?

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  1. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, affectionately known as “FOP”. It’s an extremely rare genetic disease, almost 100% fatal, in which the sufferers soft tissue slowly turns into bone.

  2. Prosopagnosia, where you can’t recognize faces any more including your own

    Familial Fatal Insomnia, where one day you lose the ability to sleep and then you stay awake for the rest of your life until you die of sleep deprivation

    Phantom hand syndrome, where amputees can still ‘feel’ missing limbs

  3. Persistent Genital Arousal sounds like something someone would say as a joke, but having seen a couple of documentary series cover this, it seems horrible.

  4. [Pathological Demand Avoidance](https://www.pdasociety.org.uk/).

    Very roughly, it’s an inability to do certain (often very basic) tasks to the point that the individual in question may shut down and withdraw entirely. It’s beyond simply being lazy or ‘not wanting to,’ and to a point where it’s a very real damage to the person’s quality of life and goals.

  5. Munchausen syndrome is when someone tries to get attention and sympathy by falsifying, inducing, and/or exaggerating an illness.

    Emphasis on inducing. Some people do things to make themselves sick.

  6. My wife got Laryngitis on our wedding day (due to stress). Up to that point, I never met anyone who actually had it and I thought it was mainly a sitcom exaggerated plot point, like quicksand or amnesia.

  7. Situs inversus. Some or all of your internal organs are reversed in position (left to right).

    Basically, a person could have their heart be slightly on their right side instead of the left.

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