What type of people at work can’t you deal with?

What type of people at work can’t you deal with?

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  1. The asshole (sorry but it’s usually a lady) that comes around with a card wanting me to sign it and give some money for someone I barely know family member’s graduation/birth/retirement/birthday/death.

  2. The people with completely unchecked anxiety that don’t know how to approach anything without panic. I help people do computer stuff for school and I’m always happy to help people, I’ll show you the same thing as many times as we need to go over it for you to be comfortable. But when you come in freaking out, unable to actually listen to what I’m saying, acting as though the sky is falling, it freaks me the fuck out too. Just take a breath and we’ll work through it together. This is often, but not always, coupled with “I just don’t get this computer stuff I’ll never figure it out” attitude.

  3. Suits who don’t have a clue how our business works, walking around talking about changes that will take months of labor when we can’t get anyone hired because they won’t raise wages.

    Plus the changes they want to make won’t do crap for our bottom line. It’s just to make them look good with their bosses.

  4. The ones who ramble forever about nothing. Listen lady, I am either trying to work or trying to enjoy a break. I can’t do either very effectively if I have to “mmhmm” at you every minute or so for 20 minutes.

  5. The guy who does no actual work and constantly messes about but gets away with it because he’s “Funny” and a “Character”. He pretends to be a nice guy but you can see through his act and know he’s an asshole and a grifter. He knows you know and he hates you. I’m on to you, Gary.

  6. As a young worker, people who automatically look down on you and assume they know more than you/think they need to micro manage you because your young

  7. Corporate. Those guys have absolutely no idea what our location needs and how differently we need to be run compared to other stores in the district because of how much smaller we are.

    And they all have absolutely no idea how hard it is to keep a grocery store completely spotless and faced off when you’re short staffed.

  8. People who come to work smelling like dank ass skunk weed and also people who come to work, telling the world about extreme personal stuff.

    Like girl…..we don’t need to know that you have had 10 abortions and 4 STD’s….that needs to be a Convo between you, your ob-gyn, and Jesus Christ.

  9. * People who walk around complaining about how busy they are. If you were actually busy, you wouldn’t have time to stand by my desk complaining to me about it, you’d be working.
    * Disorganized, frantic people. They’re always behind on work and there’s always some reason why it’s not their fault. Either you have the worst luck in the world, or you just have poor time-management skills.
    * Disorganized, frantic people who say “I have autism/ADHD, I can’t be blamed for being messy and late with everything.” Cool, so I guess it’s my problem now, I’ll just happily stay late to rush my portion in before the deadline because you diagnosed yourself off TikTok.

  10. The overachiever who cannot stand letting anyone be better than them at anything. You show up five minutes early and get there before them? They’ll be there ten minutes early the next day, and give you a “better than you” attitude.

  11. People who put their phone on speaker at max volume in the breakroom at work. I do not want, or need, to hear your conversation with a doctor because you need 2 hands free to gesticulate wildly.

  12. Men who say “sweetheart” or any similar word to women. I’m male and I was sitting in one guys office when a woman coworker walked in and handed him some print off and he simply said, “thank you, sweetheart” like it was nothing.

  13. I had this one coworker who was lazy, rude, a total karen hair cut and all, a tattle tail, she would kiss the bosses ass majorly full on tongue, and she thought she was better then everyone else. She constantly shoved work on other people but if you asked her to do anything she would make a big scene about how lazy you are. She would constantly scream at both employees and customers. She work in the produce department but would never clean, but had notes everywhere about how others are supposed to clean the department before they leave. She would leave all her trash everywhere including on the sales floor. And if you ever did anything she didn’t like or said no to her the store manager was the first to hear about it. She been caught stealing for other employees. The store started keeping track of all the violating she’s done to get her fired and the only reason she still works there today is because she’s best friends with the store manager.

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