What type of people should you watch out for?

What type of people should you watch out for?

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  1. Those who are excited by violence. Doesnt matter if its reading it, committing it, whatever. Anyone who is amused by violence is an individual you should keep a steady eye on.

  2. Anyone that is not willing to listen to the opposition. You want to tell me why your child-rapist senator is the next coming of Christ? I’ll listen, I just don’t have to agree with you. but if you are not willing to hear how RNA sequencing vaccines have been around since the 70’s and are perfectly safe then there is no reason to talk with you.

  3. Bull shitters. These people will lie and decieve as they see fit. If they harm you, it’s your fault not theirs. They might seem nice up front, but keep in mind the bull shit serves them and not you.

  4. People who are insecure. Like being genuine is a bad thing. Bro I don’t care about your car, your girl, or how much money you have/make. If you feel the need to overcompensate then you’re probably a shitty person.

  5. The people at work who repeatedly remain untouched and even promoted when those around them lose their jobs or assignments. It’s not just a coincidence.

  6. People that in the moment of having an argument are hardheaded and when you’re speaking about your argument they try to cover it up by shouting their opinion or making any type of noise , that is annoying,rude and a terrible way of arguing

  7. I personally like to watch out for people who take everything too seriously
    As someone who has a tendency to find pretty much everything amusing

    We don’t get along at all

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