What type of person disgusts you the most?

What type of person disgusts you the most?

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  1. There’s little in this world that annoys me more than people with a “don’t tell me what to do” complex. There’s just something about the kind of person who would take that attitude through life that I find insufferable.

    I’ve seen the attitude manifest in the dumbest ways too, to the point where it’s downright counter-productive. Like driving a much longer route and taking twice as long to reach a destination, purely because someone else suggested the shorter way and “nobody is the boss of me” or some such ego-driven nonsense. Or deliberately disobeying signs or instructions that have a good reason to be there for people’s safety, because “nobody gets to tell me how to live my life”.

    The mere *idea* that a suggestion might have come from someone other than themselves is enough to set it off in some people. It’s needless defiance for the sake of defiance, it rarely results in anything good, and I just can’t relate to it at all.

  2. People who you can literally hear make that sound that sounds like there sucking in air as they put food in there mouth. My dad does it and I feel like I could barf every time he does it.

  3. Homophobes, racists, and anyone who makes someone else suffer for like.. no reason. Dude, does it hurt you if she’s got a girlfriend? No, no it does not. I also dislike a very specific type or religious people who walk around yelling at people and preaching at strangers. Religious people are great. Just.. try not to beat me in the head with your old book please.. these two types of people tend to go hand and hand

  4. I work in a jail. We had a guy attempt to hang himself a few months ago. He lived, but it was touch and go for while. We have another guy on the unit that now puts a noose around his neck as a joke, and acts self rightious that no one could ever understand him. He also plays the victim in everything. When he pulls this stuff, and the other inmates and staff give him a wide berth he puts on a show about how noboby likes him.

    So that second guy.

  5. Petty people who are shameless about being petty, people who spam, and this one guy on Tumblr who got mad and suicide baited my favorite blog’s mods for no reason

  6. The constant “I’m right and your wrong person and because of (small show of rudeness) I will now berate and and insult you for an hour straight and then have all my friends side with me because I play the victim” person. Don’t get me wrong, I can be blunt and am too straight forwards at time. Can have controversial ideas but I’ve had this issue with these people about politics and we’re literally on the same side of the political compass, similar but slightly different ideas and different weights on different issues. But because my views don’t align with yours and I had a momentary show of bluntness and poor social skills (I **can not** for the life of me understand sarcasm.) So, suddenly when I say something a little off. A day of pain.

  7. 1.People who play victim after being a butt hole
    2.People who can’t admit they’ve done wrong so they use “you wouldn’t understand until you/you’re (insert)

  8. I’m not saying murderers and all that because as far as I know I’m never around those people. Of the people I am around… pretentious people. “You call that beer? I only drink…” I literally had someone say to me “Ever since I lived in the Swiss alps, I can’t drink American milk,” and about ten other statements like that about ten separate things all in one conversation. It was all I could do not to run from the room screaming.

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