What type of Redditor annoys you the most ?

What type of Redditor annoys you the most ?

What do you think?


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  1. The ones that came here through Facebook just because this place has become a “mainstream” social media platform. There used to be so many intelligent, hilarious, and creative people here over 5 years ago. I miss THOSE people so much.

  2. I’m more of a comment redditor than a submission redditor, here for the discussion mostly.

    For me it’s *those that discuss in bad faith*. Couple subtypes listed here, and there are others.

    * Trolls (of course).
    * People who slice apart your own comments and pick on pieces that are out of context to make you look bad. For example, someone doing this might grab my previous sentence and say “you said ‘people who slice’ – does this mean you’re a serial killer?”
    * Redditors who write a whole lot of unsustained comments or claims in their discussion and when those are pointed out, say ‘why u making a deal out of this man its just a comment’ and leave.
    * Redditors who claim the same thing over and over again even after it’s clearly been proven false.
    * Redditors who don’t know and don’t care what “logical fallacy” is.

    (Also, serial reposters, bots or otherwise.)

  3. The confidently incorrect ones. I see this a lot with medical facts/advice – people just spread complete bullshit on here without fact checking it themselves. I’m a doctor so for me it’s really easy to spot.

  4. No so much just reddit but the internet in general.

    You make a point, back it up with facts and links and there is always someone that finds something wrong, no matter how slight, and proceeds to destroy the entire comment.

    You can say grass is green and someone will always swoop in and:


  5. the type that applies double standard to everything, but is to hypocritical to or admit that they’re doing it. Because they have to keep spreading their broken narrative, and then answer with answers that are mostly projecting.

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