What video game do you regret purchasing?

What video game do you regret purchasing?

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  1. The First Tree.

    I paid like, 14 dollars for that game, and it looks like unfinished, unpolished garbage that could’ve been made by a 12th Grade programming class.

  2. There are only 2 games I regret spending money on.

    Wet (a sexualized bullet time shooter) and Damnation (a horrible Wild West shooter)

    I’ve bought Dragon Age 2 on release day. Preordered Cyberpunk, Mass Effect Andromeda, and the new Saints Row. And still I’ve found reason enough to enjoy those games. So if I can find two that beats those choices then it’s pretty concerning.

  3. Train simulator. The base game has almost no content at all forcing you to buy DLC. Many of the routes have glitched textures and dialogs that wont even load. And 13 years later in 2022 after having a new release literally every year since 2009, they still wont let you remap the keyboard controls.

  4. Undertale. People overhyped it so much as one of the best game of all times. When I finally bit and got it, I thought it was one of the *worst* game I have ever played.

  5. csgo, i ignore that its free now and back then i paid about 12$ for it…, the point is that i just cant stop playing it even if its shit community game, its bad for my mental health but i STILL FUCKING PLAY IT, 5989h on record rn….

  6. Subnautica below zero. Lacked the fun and wonder of the first one.

    Hand held story and you weren’t alone against all odds anymore. Couldn’t finish it and replayed Subnautica again.

  7. Fallout 76.

    I paid the full price at a local shop for the tricentennial edition to get a couple cool skins you can’t even equip right away. Bethesda gave a lot of refunds to people who purchased this game over their shop but I didn’t since I bought it local.

    70€ for nothing. I should’ve bailed out after that horrible Beta they pulled off.

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