What video game had such a shocking scene that you had to pause for a moment to process?

What video game had such a shocking scene that you had to pause for a moment to process?

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  1. Not so much “shocking” but did make me pause and think.

    In final fantasy 7. there’s a part in Shinra tower where you have to find all the pieces to a giant scale model of Midgar. I got to the last 2 pieces, I go find the chest with the second to last piece, put it into the model….
    and the puzzle is complete. The chest opens and you move on.

    at that moment it hit me, that wasn’t a missing piece of the scale model, that is a 100% accurate model of Midgar, complete with the entire destroyed sector that you blew up at the beginning of the game. that was YOU. That was the moment I kinda had to stop and be like “are we the bad guys?”

  2. Tali dying in ME3. I went back a few hours of game time to fix that.

    Playing as a Renegade, shooting Mordin in the chest to stop the genophage cure. That was pretty rough; I’ve never shouted or cursed at a game before or since. Finding a recording of him on a datapad singing Amazing Grace after the Citadel party just twisted the knife.

  3. There’s an old game called Second Sight. The story is told in a series of flashbacks. In the present you wake up in a hospital and flash back to a military campaign in the past. But as the game progresses the present keeps changing and you realize you aren’t traveling back in time, you’re seeing a possible future.

  4. I remember when No Russian was the most upsetting some people had ever done in a video game. You used to be able to skip it if you wanted because people complained so heavily.

  5. It was actually after my first time playing that tug-o-war style game in BF1 online where you keep going back and forth trying to capture all 5 objectives. My game lasted an hour and by the end of it I was straight up exhausted. I just left the lobby and sat for ten minutes.

  6. In Morrowind you spend hours and hours building up to this final fight with an evil demigod. When you finally make it to his chambers instead of attacking on site like most enemies, it prompts a dialogue. He asks about your character’s motivations and morality. The game is designed such that he makes a lot of good points and your character isn’t perfectly moral. It blew my mind as a kid wondering if I was secretly the bad guy all along.

  7. The ending of The Desolate Hope. There has never been a better ending to anything.
    Either that or the scene in EarthBound where Poo is visited by the ghost. That was incredibly shocking.

  8. In Hard Rain when it is finally revealed who the real bad guy is and his motivations. It plays out like Sixth Sense, the clues were all there you just couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

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