What was one of the worst nightmares you’ve ever had?

What was one of the worst nightmares you’ve ever had?

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  1. I’ve kept a dream journal for four years so I have quite a few to choose from, but here goes:

    During a routine medical study, my Mom surprisingly stepped out of the exam room instead of the researcher, and said that she would conduct the study instead of them. I was too loopy on drugs to protest or fight back.

    She withdrew a case that contained brain surgery equipment, and I began to scream, but she instead took a saw and began cutting into my occipital skull. I kept screaming as she attempted to reassure me “it will all be over soon.”

    A voice from beside her said: “he’s awake, put him under again.” Someone injected me with something and I fell back asleep.

    I was then awoken again and tortured some more with various medical instruments. My Mom plucked out one of my eyes and ate it, then vomited it and made me eat the vomit. They ripped out my own toenails then pierced my ears with them. A large man walked in and viciously raped me, and my Mom laughed and called me weak.

    Finally, after what felt like forever, I woke up.


    I love my family and they would never do something like this, which made the nightmare all the more terrifying.

  2. Not the nightmare but the aftermath.

    One night I was having a nightmare about vampires. They were taking over and weren’t affected by sunlight. You couldn’t tell who was a vampire and who wasn’t. In the nightmare I was becoming increasingly paranoid about which members of my family were vampires and which ones were not.

    I must have been making all kinds of noises because my wife woke me up. She had correctly deduced that I was having a horrible nightmare and wanted to get me out of it.

    So there I was emerging from a dream about how I couldn’t trust my family members because they might be vampires and what is the first thing I see? My wife’s face hovering over me in the dark.

    I screamed, pushed her away, and leapt out of bed…right into my night stand, then into the wall, finally clipping my head on the window sill as I fell to the floor.

    The moral of the story? Don’t wake up your husband from a night mare if he’s clumsy and has an over active imagination .

  3. The scariest nightmare I’ve ever had came to me on an airplane. I dreamt that I fell off a cliff and slamed onto the ground. That was scary, but usually falling/dying wakes me up. This time I kept dreaming as a ghost after I had died. Weird shit.

  4. Not really a nightmare just a very odd figure that continually appears in my dreams.

    Every so often as I dream I notice a figure in the background. The figure itself never plays a part within the dream, it just seems to observe.

    It looks like the shadow of a man. It has a similar build to the Slenderman, tall and thin. However it doesnt feel threatening. It just stands in the background, watching.

    The really odd thing about this figure is that every time I have tried to approach it, I wake up instantly.

  5. The one that I had last Sunday where someone I trusted said,”RUN,” but I was so terrified that I wet my pants, and the bed -something that hasn’t happened since kindergarten.

    PTSD Sucks.

  6. I graduated college 6 years ago and still a couple times a year I wake up in a fright thinking I’ve got a final exam and I have no idea what I’m going to do because I never went to class.

    I take a minute and remind myself that I passed all my classes, don’t have any more finals to take, and am very unlikely to attend college again.

  7. I had a recurring nightmare/fever dream as a little kid where I was in an entirely featureless white room with a bunch of paperclips on the floor and a large red sphere. The red sphere was bouncing around, crushing the paperclips. I think the paperclips were trying to run away, but they couldn’t get away fast enough and would inevitably be crushed. I know this is rather tame compared to some of the other dreams here, but it *really* got me upset as a sickly five year old.

  8. first dream I ever remember having is from when I was 3 or 4 years old

    we’re in a library my grandma’s head turns into a chinese dragon head and she ate me

    scared shitless every time we went to see her for years after that but it’s actually kinda hilarious now lmao

  9. I was on medical leave from a toxic work situation, and just as I was about to go back, the nightmares started again. This one was a doozy:

    I walked into the office to find my boss’ boss grinning like a moron, and her gleefully telling me I have a new supervisor, and that we would be working VERY closely because I obviously couldn’t be trusted to do my job correctly. The supervisor was my pedophile rapist sperm donor.

    It was made clear that she knew EXACTLY who he was and what he did, and that she cleared it with legal and they said I had to just deal with it, because it wasn’t their problem. I would also have to share a desk with him since he needed to closely monitor all of my work.

    That was the kick in the ass I needed to get out and get a new job.

  10. A friend of mine had just been killed. He was in a tank that ran over an IED. I was also watching a show at the time that had a serum that would keep the dead alive it had some nasty side effects tho. I dreamt that they had started him on them so he was completely repaired and alive with no recollection of how or even that he was dead. He had to be injected regularly and started to have side effects. Some how he figured out what had happened and was angry. He had asked everyone to help and they wouldn’t. He finally came to me crying and upset saying that what they were doing to him wasn’t right and that he didn’t want anymore injections. I wanted him alive but I cared about him too much so I helped him. I sat with and guarded him as the injections wore off. I listened to him scream and cry in pain as the injuries he suffered reappeared. I sat an watched as died very vividly. Worst nightmare I’d ever had, I was afraid to sleep for a good few years after that one.

  11. I had my first ever case of sleep paralysis a couple weeks ago. My partner was away for work and I’ve always struggled to sleep when alone. In this episode of SP, I could hear someone in the house, and they were specifically avoiding my room so as not to wake me.

    I also recently had a nightmare (also whilst my partner was away) in which I watched a cyclist coming down a hill really fast, try to jump over a fallen tree, but he doesn’t clear it, goes over the handlebars and faceplants the ground so hard his head disintegrates.

  12. One time in like one straight week. I will always have nightmares about people dying in like different scenarios. It ranged from me and some other people running from a murderer with an ice pick, the other one is about a giant fckn snake, other dream is about people getting hanged and the last one that i can remember is about a home invasion. I quite literally don’t know why i had those for a whole week, i don’t remember watching any scary movies that time, and im too much of a pussy to watch those “dark web” videos on the internet, so there’s no way my brain would pick up those scenarios from things i haven’t seen before. People say dreams have meanings but i still dont fcking know what it means.

  13. Just yesterday night I had one. Somehow a gun was involved and I accidentally shot two people. And then I shot myself because I didn’t know what to do. I’ve had scarier nightmares but this was quite unsettling to me as I woke up because there was no basis for it. I’ve never been around guns in my life so it was weird I would dream about it like that.

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