What was THAT toy you wanted growing up?

What was THAT toy you wanted growing up?

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  1. I always wanted a dog growing up but my dad always said no. One year, right before Christmas, these toy robot dogs came out…. They were small and would fall over all of the time lol, but oh my god I wanted one so so badly. I didn’t get it :/ lol

    ETA: I am an adult now and have 3 dogs (:

  2. An android tablet small enough to put in my pocket but big enough to come with a physical keyboard. So that I can code on it.

    (Ever since I saw my first Nokia, that’s all I could think about)

  3. I know no ones gonna like this comment but when I was in kindergarten, my parents got a call because I answered “what is your favorite toy?” With “M1 Garand!”

    I’m not a fanatic or anything, but I did begin learning about guns and gun safety with my pops when I was about 7 or 8.

    Edit: and for the record, we didn’t own an M1 Garand, but I always wanted to fire one. I finally got my wish at about 19 when a guy at the range was very generous and let me fire a mag from each rifle out of his WW1 & 2 Arsenal (Lee Enfield, Springfield ‘03, Kar 98, M1 Garand, and M1 Carbine).

  4. Tec dec dudes. I can’t remember how you spell them. And those cubeworld things where they had electronic people in cubes and you could connect them with other cubes

  5. The Mattel Roller Skating Baby from the 1980s


    Yes I know I need to calm down but that doll was my real actual life.

  6. A Talk Girl. The pink version of the Talk Boy tape recorder for kids from the 90’s. I think my mom ended up thowing it out and framing my cousin for stealing it because i was an annoying little shit once i had it. You could play your recordings slow or fast and I’d record my mom yelling at me and then later play it back to her in 3 different speeds.

  7. Scuba diving action man with real bubble feature

    It was basically an action man that had a button on his back, if you pressed it underwater, he released bubbles from his scuba gear as if he was actually breathing.

    I was never into action figures but man did I nag my mum for that toy


    And over

    And over

    Until one day I got it

    Excited that I get to test it out the next day on my trip to the seaside with my aunt.

    I used it like once, it slipped away from my hands and since it was now filled with water it sank never to be seen again 🙁

    To this day I cannot even find anything about this action figure online, it was way back in Italy and IIRC the action man had a black and orange (or yellow) outfit with that button on his back.

  8. The child size cars they had at toys r us. They were like $300 at the time and id always ask my mom for one only for her to say no. Now that I’m older I feel bad because she probably felt like shit that she couldn’t afford it and I would constantly ask

  9. All of them. It used to really bother me when I would get one toy at Christmas, but there would he a leaflet inside showing the other 30 toys in the collection. I would spend more time daydreaming about owning the other 30 than enjoying the toy itself.

    It felt very frustrating being poor.

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