What was the best purchase you made during the pandemic?

What was the best purchase you made during the pandemic?

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  1. A secular private school education for my kids.

    They are very accountable and understood that they were selling the product of an education. They still needed to provide value regardless of circumstance; whether it was remote or in person, the well being of the children and their families was always the school’s top priority (which can be a tightrope act at times).
    There were times that I was resentful and frustrated that they weren’t in person. However, they communicated so well and so often. Even when they just wanted to share where they were on evolving issues and express fears, they kept us in the loop.
    Now they test the kids weekly and keep them in small cohorts to prevent any community spread. I’m so impressed and so appreciative…and my kids still love school.

  2. I had a few good ones:

    A kitchenaid mixer. Not the best for my waistline, however.

    Hard-top Miata – super fun to drive

    A standing desk to paint 40k models on so that I’m not straining my neck.

  3. I think the best purchase I made during the pandemic was buying a large supply of food and water. I also bought a lot of medical supplies like gloves, masks, and disinfectant. I’m glad I made those purchases, because it has helped me stay prepared during this difficult time.

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