What was the comment you made that caused your Reddit inbox to explode?

What was the comment you made that caused your Reddit inbox to explode?

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  1. I mentioned that I hate the term fur baby, arguing that nobody would call a baby a skin puppy.
    Now everyone tells me that, in fact, they would call babies skin puppies.

  2. There was an r/AskReddit post a few months ago, asking what movie we would make if we had to guarantee that it would bomb.

    I said I would make a sequel to the live-action Last Airbender movie and make it as awful as possible.

    It was already attracting enough attention, but then someone posted it on the r/TheLastAirbender subreddit.

  3. It wasn’t a comment but a post I put up in shower thoughts. It was right after the 2016 election. I said “Protesting is the adult version of whining.” Yea, that post didn’t go the way I thought it would. Downvoted to hell.

  4. Any time I post about my farm animals and I get lots of upvotes I get lots of vegan activists. They even like to post about me on their creepy sub Reddit’s

  5. I commented on an r/AskReddit thread about mistakes women make during sex and said that women shouldn’t feel like they have to fake enjoying it for the benefit of a male partner. Apparently a lot of people didn’t like that because my inbox was flooded with incels afterwards

  6. A girl who was black mentioned that when dating a white guys, people in public just assumed they weren’t together. I mentioned the same thing happened to me when I was an overweight goofball dating a fitness instructor.

    Not my highest upvoted comment, but I remember getting a ton of questions about it. It must be a Reddit thing.

  7. There was an askreddit thread some time ago about things that aren’t in the Bible, but people think are. [I listed a few things that weren’t explicit](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/raaktx/what_do_people_pretend_is_in_the_bible_but_is/hnhcdmy/), and hot damn! For example, the Bible doesn’t say that Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed because they allowed homosexuality, and the verse people use to say that “God won’t give us more than we can handle” refers to temptation specifically.

    Comments to that one included things along the lines of

    * “Wow, you did your research. Good job, Mr. Christian Man!” **I’m not a scholar**, but I do hear things now and then.
    * “Wait, there are views of Christianity that don’t call me an abomination?” That one was heartbreaking, but yes, there are.
    * Elaborations on some of the points I made.
    * And some refutations of some of the points I made.

    Another one was a news thread about New York suspending Giuliani’s law license, and [I said that lawyering rules forbid lawyers from outright lying to courts](https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/o73bez/new_york_suspends_giulianis_law_license/h2wa68k/). A lot of questions and elaborations ensued.

    EDIT: Also, whenever I go into a wrasslin’ live thread and ask “hey, I just came in, what’d I miss,” I’m bound to get a bunch of answers

  8. I made a comment about the name of a YT chiropractor in an r/unexpected video in case anyone was wondering and it spiraled into debate about the validity of chiropractic care

  9. My reply to a what do you look like question using a bikini pic with my surfboard

    It blew up to such a scary level that I had to delete it

    I still dk how that even happened

  10. On an AskReddit about people who died and had it coming, I mentioned my step-father’s buddy that got into a fatal traffic accident immediately after intentionally running over a dog.

    Almost 200 replies, with a lot of them being like “Why was your step-father buddies with a guy who would do that?”

    Because my step-father was an asshole, guys. Seems obvious to me.

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