What was the last thing you accidentally got for free?

What was the last thing you accidentally got for free?

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  1. Subway app had a glitch and when it used my Google pay, it made an error and charged a card that doesn’t even exist anymore. I called the store and told them but they said the payment went through so everything was fine. Our bank never showed payment taken out.

    So essentially we got all our food for free.

  2. Ordered 1 sausage gravy and chips to takeaway. Got home and opened the bad, realised they give me 2 of each even though I paid for 1. Gave the second to the neighbors

  3. About 20 years ago the office I worked at had a glitchy vending machine. The diet Dr Pepper always sent our 2 cans did they price of one. It was a thrilling time.

  4. When I had my tire on my bike replaced, the mechanic told me that I needed a new inner tube too. So he got the tube and then forgot to put it on the invoice, so I just paid for the tire and labour. I went back and paid for it the next day.

  5. Yesterday I found a new bottle of leather conditioner in the parking lot after shopping and last month received a pair of pants in my order from JCP that I didn’t order, they told me I could keep them

  6. I have been waiting to tell this story, yay! Ok so I am a pregnant woman (it comes into play) and I ordered from the McDonald’s app. All I wanted was a Coke freeze and and McDouble. I parked in the spot to wait for my food and a girl appears to tell me the freeze machine is not working. So I just asked if I could have a Diet Coke instead. She said that was less than the Coke freeze and would “we” like ice cream or cookies too? I asked her to surprise me. WOO LORD, she came back with an Oreo McFlurry WITH hot fudge and a cup of m&ms! 😭 I literally cried. It was just so strangely thoughtful.

  7. I play league of legends and told a friend of mine i really like to play one of the champions, but unfortunately didn’t have a skin for it. A few minutes later I received a skin for that champ. Super sweet gesture!

  8. AC unit. I ordered and paid for it online and picked it up myself to save time. Next day I get an email, notifying my AC unit is ready for pickup… wait a minute, but I have already picked it up… must be some error.

    Week later, again a notification, please pick the AC unit. If I don’t pick it up in the next days, they will cancel the order and refund me the money.

    Few days later:”We have cancelled your order and refunded your money”. I read this while my apparantly never picked up AC unit is at full blast next to me…

  9. There’s a small independent Cafe I go to on the regular once a week on my lunch break to pick up a hot & crispy chicken schnitzel to put on top of my lunch, I always always get two schnitzels from there, the other day I was checking my bank statements to see if my insurance cover for my vehicle went through and I see the charge from the Cafe pending on my bank account, it was for the price of one instead of two. I don’t know if the person who runs the Cafe did that on purpose or by accident, I am a regular there, don’t have to ask what I want, they know. If it was on purpose then it’s nice but being independent I know every dollar to them would count so I am wanting to next week go & pay them back.

    So yeah, I ordered 2 schnitzel pieces for my lunch & only got charged for one for some reason.

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