What was the strangest text you ever recieved?

What was the strangest text you ever recieved?

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  1. I think I once received a text from a random number, asking me if I had any spare leafy green vegetables for sale.

    Probably there’s a drug dealer out there with a similar number to mine.

  2. A family accidentally added me to a wedding planning group chat. When I told them they’d made a mistake and I didn’t know them, they all had the same question: “Wait, does anyone actually know Aunt ____’s number?”

    I left the group chat, so I never did find out whether or not they managed to add their aunt. I like to think they did.

  3. I keep getting holiday greetings from Chicago. When I tried to interact with them, they never answered. At one point, I thought it was my old best friend, but now I don’t think it is. So I just don’t reply anymore.

  4. I got a new phone for work and got a text a couple weeks later that said “I miss you” and I replied back that this was a new number, and I didn’t know that person. He replied again apologizing and saying that the number he previously belonged to his sister who had committed suicide a few months before. It was weird for me, but I imagine much stranger for him to get a reply from his dead sister’s number

  5. “I wanna slap a chicken on the ass while yelling ROTOR BOATER!”

    That was sent to me by an autistic friend. Basically he’s asking me to game with him. 😂🤣

  6. I even made it a post here on Reddit. I am 6’11 and some dude was asking me if I pee in the since that’s the oddest one I have received but the most disturbing one were 2 pics of a dude that was crushed In a vehicle accident . Dude asked me which one I preferred

  7. I got a text from a post center to claim my cargo but i didnt buy anything. After a couple days i got same message from that number so i decided to go there and talk about this situation. We go there and did a short talk with workers. After worker checked he said my address,phone number and my name. So i got this cargo and went home. I opened that box and there was a Cucumber. I thought my friends just pranked me. But when i call them they said “you was drunk and bought a cucumber” (sorry for my bad english)

  8. I received a random text from an obviously middle school age kid that included a bunch of random phone numbers in a group text. When I asked them to stop texting my number, they said I texted them first and even told their relatives.

    I had to explain to this kid’s cousin, whom called me, that I had proof of who texted first and that I wanted nothing to do with their bratty cousin.

    They are blocked. Frick you entitled brat.

  9. Someone from an unknown number randomly texted me:

    “Why do you keep calling me?”

    I texted back “Who is this? I didn’t call you.”

    They replied “Proof” with a screenshot of 5 missed calls from my number.

    That was it.

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