What was the worst thing your guest did when they took “Make yourself at home” very literally?

What was the worst thing your guest did when they took “Make yourself at home” very literally?

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  1. When my new in-laws were telling me about plans they had for my house. Since “It’s half (my husband’s) now. Therefore, partly ours”.

    I bought it before we got married.

  2. They were house sitting for 2 or 3 weeks I can’t remember now. But when we got home, they’re rearranged almost all the furniture. Most of it was just moving things back but they pushed an old teacher’s desk we had down into the basement, one of those huge metal monstrosities that weighs a ton. Well there was literally no way to get it back up those stairs without some kinda machine I couldn’t afford. So that thing stayed in the basement and was sold with the home. They also damaged a recliner so it didn’t recline anymore and claimed they didn’t.

  3. Another one: My niece (unemployed, single mother) needed a place to stay. The next morning, I was blow drying my hair before work.

    She came to the bathroom and said, “Excuse me, but some of us need to sleep!”, and she slammed the bathroom door. I opened her door and told her to gtfo.

  4. My father in law was staying with us for a month, he lived in Oman. The spare room was an office with a sofa bed in so it could double up for guests. He bought a double bed and got rid of the sofa bed. I lost my office.

  5. Laid a lit cigarette on a ornamental wood box that I gave my SO on his birthday. The next morning after he left my SO found the box with the burnt cig and melted filter still laying on the box.

  6. My SO’s cousin came to visit. I can’t remember why, but for some reason there was a bag of marshmallows on the table. Before sitting on the couch in the living room, the cousin just grabbed the bag, opened it, and started munching marshmallows like they were popcorn.

  7. My parents house, but I let my buddy in high school stay a night because he was “kicked out” of his house and didnt want to stay in the park. I guess he was afraid to go upstairs when my parents woke up so he pissed in the trash barrel. So fucking gross having to dump that out.

  8. Am I allowed to talk about my current guests? My flatmate’s friend has been here for nearly 6 days, they’ve used my food, expensive shower products, let their child run screaming up and down the hallway for hours without stopping, and (me being petty) looked at me like I am a weirdo for being out in my own kitchen. They were supposed to leave yesterday. I’m very annoyed.

  9. Didn’t leave for 6 months, ate all our cheese and wasted all our dishwasher tablets on “re running the dishwasher bc it did a bad job” (but would run the same load like 10 times???)

    He was sleeping w my flatmate and she undermined all our attempts at getting him to leave once we realised he was a hobosexual.

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