What was your childhood trauma?

What was your childhood trauma?

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  1. The beheading video my uncle showed me when I was 11, hearing a neighbor get beat to death, hearing another neighbor get shot, and getting the shit kicked out of me every day in 6th grade. Lots to choose from.

  2. When I was 15 a man tried to abduct me in broad daylight. Pretty scary shit, proper police investigation into it. The mother fucker got off because I couldn’t identify him on a line up 18 months later. I’m currently just about to start trama therapy for it 15 years later.

  3. Having the firefighter truck come to our street because a guy wanted to jump off the 14th floor of the apartment across the street.

    Now I am an adult 30+ years old, and everytime I see a firefighter truck I do not think of a fire but a guy trying to jump off a building.

  4. When I was a kid, my mother told me not to play on the escalators or they would suck me in and tear me to shreds. I am 40 and still deathly afraid of escalators.

  5. I don’t remember much at all of my childhood, so who knows what happened. My parents fought a lot and I remember bits about hiding in my closet and drawing dinosaurs on the walls.

  6. Nearly getting ran over by a bus

    Thats not the trauma tho, the trauma was getting looked by anyone after it happened i straight up bolted out of the scene

  7. being gay and closeted with all my friends, family and society in general constantly going on about how awful and abhorrent gay people are. I’d just have to go quiet or try to find a change in the topic. but ya, just about every day regardless of where I was or who I was with was a struggle until I gained enough autonomy to push everyone away and finally gained some peace.

  8. 4th grade I put my leg inside a rototiller. It was small and it took my leg all the way up to my knee until it got jammed. Had a big cut from one the blades and the others broke it in 2 places. The cut was right above my foot, barely missing the Achilles’ tendon. Made a full recovery and have no issues whatsoever with that leg but I always have nightmares thinking what if the rototiller kept going?

  9. Not me but my sibling was the youngest among us, so they ended up in childcare while I was in school and parents were at work. My sibling was very attached to my mother being that they were the youngest, and would cry and have a major meltdown when my mother left them at daycare to go to work.

    The daycare worker was shoving my sibling in a dark closet for up to 4 hours at a time while they cried. We didn’t find out until my sibling was already school aged that they just didn’t know how to express to my parents what was going on, and that experience has led to the entire family mistrusting private daycares ran out of somebody’s home ever since.

    The daycare facility was shut down and the terrible woman who was running it was imprisoned for a couple years for child abuse and neglect.

  10. 11 years old and being the one in between my mom, little brother and the very drunk step dad that had a few minutes prior had pushed her against the wall. This was probably the third time he had snapped while drunk. This time the rest of my family was so concerned that I’d kill him when they showed up that they took everything that could be used as a weapon out of the house.

  11. being locked out of the house while in the back yard by my father multiple times at a very young age, stuck in the back yard and couldn’t get in or out and no one would let me back in. also accidently calling the police multiple times (one of those old phones that had a 911 button) I was too short to reach the speed dial of my cousin and would accidently hit the button. an officer came to my house and threatened to arrest me if I did it again. To this day I hate using phones and have a fear of officers. also abandonment issues from the former

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