What was your favorite television show growing up?

What was your favorite television show growing up?

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  1. Supernatural, found out about them when I was a teenager 2015 I think I can’t remember anyways I love it it will always be my favourite show ever. I was already a fan of rock but the show made me listen to classic rock more than anything and now it’s my favourite genre of music.

  2. The Office.

    My parents got a van with a DVD player in the back when I was a kid. Countless trips to and from games and practices watching seasons 1-5 to the point we were quoting episodes line by line.

  3. As a kid I thought *Wiseguy* was on a different level from other shows. Rewatching it as an adult, I’ve found it certainly had its silly 80s moments, but the writing still manages to impress me.

  4. Twilight Zone


    Adam 12


    Rowan and Martin’s laugh in

    Petticoat Junction

    Green Acres

    Space 1999

    Star Trek

    Gilligan’s Island

    McCales Navy.

    Saturday night “Sinister Cinema” monster movie double feature. Victor Ives as host (chubby vampire) Ravens croft, Head (just a head on a platter)

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