what was your favourite video game when you were growing up? (serious)

what was your favourite video game when you were growing up? (serious)

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  1. Pokémon Red version.

    After I played a friend’s Pokémon Blue version, I begged my dad to buy me Red version and he did. I owned a Mega Drive II and a PlayStation, but no games on either platforms came close to Pokémon Red version, in my opinion.

    Twenty years later I still have my Game Boy and the game.

  2. I dont know if “favorite” is the right word, but the one i spent the most time on, by far, would have been Battletoads.


    That god damn jumping a jetski over the ramps level, im sure i have PTSD from it. And to the best of my memory, which probably has a blockage related to that trauma, i never did beat that level.

  3. It depends on my mood.

    I loved Super Mario3, Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, and Doom. Any one of those could potentially be counted as my favorite.

  4. Winky dink . An overlay on a black and white tv that used erasable markers . There was a cartoon show and you had to draw a bridge or a car or a wall to interact with winky

  5. The only games I consistently played at least once every year in my childhood were Pokemon Emerald and Empire Earth

    If we’re talking the most life-changing fun I’ve had, it’d be Garry’s Mod and Team Fortress 2

  6. Anarchy Online, one of the first MMORPGs (first sci-fi).
    To this day no other game got me hooked like this one. What makes this game so great is the unlimited possibilities of “twinking”, which refers to putting on as high quality-level gear as you can, without leveling your toon. You would put on a ring that gives + to int so that would trickle down a point into your treatment skill, this way you could implant a bigger eye implant that gave more Treatment skill, leading to you being able to swap a piece of chest Armor for another one that gives more int… There were crazy pros that calculated and collected items for months and ended up with level 60 toons wearing lvl 200 Armor that just pwned. So yeah, twinking in anarchy online cost me years of my youth and I loved it.

  7. I grew up before video games. The first computer game I ever saw wasn’t played on a screen but was printed out. So, probably Rogue on DOS was my favorite as it’s the oldest game I remember playing.

  8. I dropped an ungodly number of hours into playing and replaying FFIX, Legend of Dragoon, and Ogre Battle 64. Honorable mention to Link to the Past, Legend of Legaia, and Super Mario RPG.

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