What was your “Holy fuck, this can not be happening?” moment? Why?

What was your “Holy fuck, this can not be happening?” moment? Why?

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  1. Hurricane Agnes. A Dam broke and we got eighteen feet of water in the house. We got into the family boat and tied it off to the roof. There was very little warning and the water came fast. We were also well inland in Manassas VA.

  2. I ran my car into a park bench and flattened an electrical box. Caused about 10,000 in damages. I had the car for a week. My birthday was the day before. And to top it off, it happened because I mixed up the gas with the break.

  3. I was coming back to Italy after spending spring break in the Netherlands, and while I was on the plane, I realized that there were still two bags of weed in my backpack. I couldn’t believe I’d gotten through security in Eindhoven, but I figured I was ok since I wouldn’t have to go back through security on the way out of the airport. The plane landed, I walked across the tarmac, and went inside the Pisa terminal.

    As I walked around a corner, I felt something around my legs. It’s just like the beginning of 101 Dalmatians. When I look down, I realize that what’s around my legs is a leash that’s connecting the biggest German shepherd I’ve ever seen to a comparatively-large member of the Carabinieri, who are the Italian military police. They dress in most of a SWAT uniform, red berets, and usually some sort of submachine gun.

    I immediately started saying “scusa, scusa”, and the way I said it made it clear to the Carbiniero that I wasn’t Italian. He started laughing, and said “It’s ok, let’s get you untangled”. I finally got unwrapped, said thank you and walked out of the airport towards the buses to go back to my city while shaking like a leaf at the idea of spending time in an Italian prison for international drug smuggling.

  4. When i was younger like 14 years old i was once alone at home and saw a pretty big spider ( no not like in Australia but still as being afraid of spiders it was huge for me) so i got a deodorant and firelighter. I sprayed the flame on the spider but then it suddenly startet to crawl fast while being on flames towards me and actually burned a white rug a little so it turned black….i ran screaming not knowing what to do and i just sprayed some more flames on it then climbed up to the top of the table and waited as the spider slowed down and burned to death.

  5. Looking behind me while riding in the back of a 4-door toyota tundra pick up on the interstate at the exact moment a speeding 18 wheeler drifted lazily into us. At 70mph we rolled at least 5 times and came to a rest upside down off the side of the road.

  6. The day my appendix almost burst. I was in pain in the bathroom for like 4 hours with a super intense stomach ache but it kept getting worse and didn’t go away.
    I just couldn’t believe that I was actually going to have to go to the hospital. It was so bizarre because I kept expecting to just fart or something and then feel relief

  7. Waking up at 2 AM to water coming in through the doors, then frantically trying to get stuff to a higher floor in the house. This was the second time in 11 years, and it was worse.

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