What was your “OH HELL NAH” moment in a relationship that made you leave?

What was your “OH HELL NAH” moment in a relationship that made you leave?

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  1. My ex boyfriend was angry his mom woke him up at 10 in the morning via phone call, so after the call, he punched a hole in his door, threw his phone at the window, woke me up forcefully, and yelled at me to buy a new door so his parents wouldn’t kick him out.

  2. Ex wife started an argument with me one morning when I was headed to the funeral of a childhood friend. I asked if she could not do this right now. Her response was “ohhhh, poor you.” That was the beginning of the end.

  3. She threw a can of Sour Apple Four Loko at me After all the abuse, it just pissed me off that I had to smell like that garbage ass flavor. Bounced out the house while she was chasing me, begging me to come back.

    Hit my skateboard, went to the homies and got super high.

  4. When I was 16/17, I dated a guy who was in town for the summer. He was so cool (I thought) and I had a car so I would drive us on dates and junk. He really made my heart flutter. If I said no to him, he’d get upset a bit, but it didn’t seem to be a huge issue. Like, if he wanted me to drive him somewhere to drop him off to hang with his friends, normally I would but a few times, it was like a 30min drive and I said no.

    Then he hit me once. We were in the car and he wanted me to drop him off at a girl’s house and I asked why. He wouldn’t really answer and then admitted that he was using me for my drug connections and my car. I was surprised and said no. I’d drop him off where he was staying and then we were done. He hit me. I pulled over and kicked him out of my car and drove away.

  5. My dad died. My friends were all halfway across the country. So I got into discord/videogames for a while to be with friends. My gf felt neglected. She started a fight, felt threatened (I’ve never laid a hand on anyone), and got a knife.

    Here’s the kicker: 1 week prior one of her best friends from middle school went to jail for stabbing her husband in a fight.

    I was intentionally really calm for 3 days, and moved out in about 30 minutes.

    Edit: There was about 2 weeks between the death and this incident. If it had been months, i could understand the anger. But I had hardly unpacked from the flight.

  6. I was dating this girl for 3 years ( broken up now) it was coming to the end of the relationship. We were arguing constantly at one point eventually I just started to agree with her to get her to shut up, so one morning we’re awake in bed and she says “we should have a kid” I say yes knowing if I don’t it’ll just lead to another argument. She tears up and gives me a hug, I hug her and I say well it’s gonna take some time because you gotta get off your birth control and she says, with the straightest face in the world “I stopped a month ago” we had been having sex 3 to 4 times a week and I never pulled out any of those times. At that moment right there I decided no more sex and I was gonna end the relationship. You absolutely do not make a life changing decision for your partner without consulting with them first.

  7. The scene in anchorman where jack black drop kicks what was clearly a stuffed animal off a bridge. I was laughing my ass off, the animal rights activist girlfriend couldn’t take the joke… I moved on from that relationship. FYI, I love animals.

  8. When she had been drinking all afternoon after her shift and then at night she casually takes a pill and I was like what’s that and she goes my anti depression medication and I was like…….

  9. All he did was make messes, ignore me, and wake me up in the middle of the night for sex. I started counting down the days until he left for his business trips because I knew my life would get so much easier while he was gone.


    Once I realized I was counting down, I used his next business trip to look for a marriage counselor. We went to counseling, and were deciding whether to stay married or divorce. He asked, “If we get divorced, can we still hook up casually?”

    Oh FUCK NO!

    We divorced. No sex for him ever again. 💢

  10. I broke up with a girl who argued all the time about relatively pointless stuff. the last straw was about sharks in minecraft and I broke up with her on the spot. she kept on going on about why sharks shouldn’t be in minecraft even after the fact.

    it’s a more stupid answer to some but still a good conversation topic to this day

  11. My last straw was, shortly after an abortion (I wouldn’t have been able to carry to term), and while watching his mother’s 4 y/o step daughter, he told me he would never love any girls he has as much as any male children he had. He thought little girls were “annoying, snotty drama queens. And I’ll leave them up to you and take the boys.”

    Also when he refused to kiss me and only wanted rough, 2 min. sex and would make fun of me for trying to initiate or ask him to slow down for me or let me get off.

    He was my first love, high school sweetheart from 14-19, and I cried for days when I realized we weren’t compatible anymore and he was leaving for the coast guard. He also wouldn’t tell me he’d miss me while he was gone.

  12. She told me that her ex moved back to town and was asking around about her, and mentioned that he had bought a gun. I just noped out of her life completely. Next time I heard from her was when the same guy sent me a photo of them hooking up from her account

  13. I went to hang out with some friends who I hadn’t seen in a while because I was spending all of my time with my bf. He legit called me while I was out with them and tried to force me to sit on the phone with him. When I told him I was hanging up he threw such a fit that we ended up breaking up the next time that I saw him.

  14. It was already heading down that way, but what got me was one day when he invited his friend to my house (without telling me, while I was at work), and when I came home, they started talking about my cat who they thought should put down because she was ‘feral’ and given the chance they would do so.

    They claimed she was ‘feral’ simply because she spent the first weeks of her life outside before she had her leg amputated and found her way to me. Ex didn’t like her because 1. I’d gotten her when I was with a previous ex, and 2. she was mean to him because she didn’t like the way he handled her and never listened to her warnings to leave her alone.

  15. My ex bashed how open I am with my parents and said I’d do anything they’d ask.

    She couldn’t even be open with hers about being bisexual and was dating a girl all throughout high school. Called her out on that.

    To be fair, this was probably bigger for her than me. Apparently the truth was the worst thing I’ve ever said to hey

  16. I realized I was deeply interested in someone else. Knew it wasn’t fair to her, so I broke things off. After a few weeks passed, started dating the one I was interested in. Dated her for 2 years, now married for 10. Still feel bad for how quickly I broke things off, but it had to happen.

  17. I noticed I was always trying to be asleep by the time she got back from drinking and that was cause she would regularly black out and get mean (not in a sexy way) with me.

  18. I was in a 5 yr relationship with this guy that was psychologically abusive. One year, my sister in law was having pregnancy complications so my family all decided to go to their house for Christmas so she didn’t have to travel the 5 hrs to get to us. I told my bf and he said “well obvious you’re not going”. Turns out not getting to see my family on Christmas was just the push I needed.

  19. He told me that a few years before we met, he and his friends secretly filmed a girl that I knew (but I didn’t like her so I guess he felt safe telling me for some stupid reason) while she was in the shower. He even went through certain things that she did, like slipping (they were at senior week and “she was SO DRUNK”, like that makes it okay- oh and THEY WERE ALL DRUNK TOO so make it make sense). He was obviously super proud of himself and thought it was hilarious. I was so disgusted with him and his shitty friends. And yes, I told her about it.

  20. I didn’t think I would ever be stupid enough to be love bombed and gaslit until it happened to me. Had a whirlwind relationship with a guy who manipulated me so quickly that I was lying about spending time with my own friends and family b/c I knew he’d be upset that I wasn’t spending it with him. It was finally like a lightbulb clicked on in my brain that I realized he was nuts and I was an idiot for putting myself through his chaos and I blocked him on everything, wrote him a break up letter/email, and never heard from him again. He tried to contact my sister on Instagram and she blocked him too. Luckily I was in the process of moving as well so he couldn’t find me and murder me or anything.

  21. Found a stack of papers sort of stashed in my ex’s stuff. It was every email from my gmail account printed out so she could read them at work or something I guess. I dunno, it was weird. It didn’t work out.

  22. I was 2 weeks away from getting married and then my fiance dropped a bombshell on me. We had talked at length about future plans, career ideas, her wanting to leave her current job and return to working as a nurse, etc.. but then she suddenly announced that she had handed in her 2-week notice and was done working for good. Her exact reasoning was that, well, eventually she would have to take time off anyway if/when we had kids. So for now, she was going to play housewife, not work at all, and just do the cooking/laundry for me that I’ve already gladly done for myself for years.

    There were a lot of mental health issues and emotional abuse in that relationship, especially from the day we got engaged. I foolishly kept hoping that things might get better after the marriage, nothing permanent/un-fixable had happened. But quitting work and openly admitting to denying all our plans for the future? She did me a favour then.

  23. When he cheated on me, lied to me about it EXTENSIVELY, even showing me physical proof then a year later when I tried to leave him because he called me a whore for making me ‘scream at him and wake his parents up’ he told me yeah I cheated on you and you didn’t leave me then so why now? (He also called me 2 days after we broke up and begged me to fuck and when I said no he said ‘why we already did it once why can’t we do it again it makes no difference to you just lie there’)

  24. Never masterbated ever because she was so insecure about her body. We would play 20 questions with food the most ethnic thing she ate was like Panera and I’m a foodie and overall just wasn’t for me oh also she just blatantly followed her parents politics wise and never had her own mind for politics or read which is ridiculous. She was book smart and not life smart but overall a really sweet girl who accepted me for me and was very emotionally supportive I sometimes wish I just accepted certain things and gave her some more time cause honestly she’s probably the most beautiful girl I will ever date. She was larger but really beautiful I don’t ever discriminate against weight and would’ve never told her to lose any but if she lost 50lbs she would’ve been out of my league god I miss her sometimes but I did some really shitty things in that relationship to myself and her and I regret it but I had to let it go.

  25. Spent the night. She said to get some breakfast from the cupboards. Everything was 100% neat, in a line, I checked the other cupboards, the fridge, the freezer, the hall closet. We walked her dogs, they were 7lb dogs, she screamed at them to finish.

    Noped the duck out of there.

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