What was your pandemic hobby?

What was your pandemic hobby?

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  1. DJing!

    My sister got engaged during the start of covid and asked me to be the officiant. I agreed, and moved on to ask what she was doing for music. She was planning on a Spotify playlist while having the event at a country club. I told her I could do something better.

    I started watching YT vids on what other DJs were doing and using and started small. Got a mixer, played around.. I need lighting. Then that rolled into more lighting and more equipment until all of a sudden I had more than most DJs in the area. I truly enjoyed learning about something I had no knowledge about.

    Her wedding was set for November this year and in January her SO and her parted ways. I decided to make a run at doing weddings, created a business and have been quite successful (7 weddings booked) in the 7 months I’ve been operational.

    When I do have an event booked that one day of work pulls in more than my weekly 9-5. Would have been awesome being the officiant and DJ at her wedding but its quite the awesome side hustle!

  2. My son and I jumped pretty hard into Mt Biking. Remote schooling was not great for him mentally, and the middle school MTB team gave us both a great outdoors community that really snapped him out of a funk. We also participate in other races now. It’s a blast. Best thing to come out of covid for us.

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