What was your thanksgiving drama this year?

What was your thanksgiving drama this year?

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  1. All the grandkids came over and they are toddlers. They ran around the house most of the night in a pack, screaming and causing chaos and disorder, and eventually they made their way to the mantle above the fireplace where they discovered a box that they just couldn’t resist picking up and opening. The oldest one grabbed handfuls of gray dust out of the box and started throwing it up in the air in the living room, yelling out “its snowing mommy!” while my aunt stared in shock and horror. Apparently the kids found the ashes of our aunt’s old cat and couldnt help but spread the love. Swear this just happened a few hours ago and I couldnt make this up 😂

  2. Lol my aunt and grandma got into an argument about wether there are prostitutes in our county or not.

    Grandma looking at Aunt: “how do you know there aren’t any here?”

    Aunt: “because they’re all down in ______, dumbass.”

    I lost my shit

  3. Im pissed at my mother for a lot of reasons, and I don’t mean to keep snapping at her, but at this point I really feal like she’s getting smug about doing and saying little things to get under my skin. There’s a lot of just under the surface shit going on with my parents and me right now, and it’s really killing the holiday spirit. Well killed.

    Also I’m worried my cat has a lump in his belly. He was acting weird, and I swore I felt a rock sized lump, but thats gone now and he’s eating and acting more normal now.. so.. maybe he was just reacting to the energy in the house but feels better now. Prob still taking him to the vet in the morning.

  4. No drama, dont celebrate it. Probably because I’m from the UK. If we took a day off to celebrate on the anniversary of every time we fucked over an indigenous people and ruined their country we’d never get anything done.

  5. Our neighbor and her daughter were supposed to join us, and she was responsible for bringing the ham. I made a turkey, and everything else; charcuterie board, sweet potato pie, slow cooker stuffing, rotel dip, the whole 9 yards and she passes out drunk when she was “on her way” so we ended up eating without her and my 7yr old bawled because her friend didn’t come and she was looking forward to it. Now, my mom doesn’t eat turkey. She was counting on the ham. So I was pretty pissed off.

  6. I was on my way to thanksgiving when my car tire blew, so a homeless woman came by and helped me out. She was a former mechanic and was helping me out all while car side assistance came. They both helped me out and my dad wanted to leave right after and he was getting mad that I didn’t leave right away because she and I were talking. Now I’m at thanksgiving and he asked why I got chippy because I wanted to talk to “the homeless woman” and I responded “Right there. I don’t appreciate how you just labeled her like that”. He didn’t have a response. I got her number and I hope to help her out sometime when things open up, but right after that, I was livid with my own dad…especially with someone who just helped me out who didn’t need to

  7. The liberal family members wouldn’t come over because they believe their political values are more important than family. Funny moral system but that’s their choice. The rest of us had a good time.

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