What was your “went mining for iron and found diamonds” moment?

What was your “went mining for iron and found diamonds” moment?

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  1. I once got lost in a deep cave system on Minecraft, and I kept going to see if I could find iron, flint and other stuff. I came across a nice chunk of diamonds and a spawning dungeon!

  2. I once had someone park on my driveway while I was out.

    I came back, and instead of scratching the car, calling the police, or whatever, I just washed it. Got it nice and clean.

    It was Summer, a nice day, I had just finished uni two days before and had little to do.

    I left a polite note (which now reads more passive aggressive than I intended) explaining the situation, and went off to go pick some strawberries with my son.

    I put a few pics up on my FB and Twitter, in this time a friend posts the letter to Reddit, it hits the top of the front page and goes viral.

    The owner of a music news website I had unsuccessfully applied to for an internship at saw it and liked it. I took my shot, said if you like that I have other dumb ideas, how about rethinking that internship?

    He did. And my work there over the Summer led to more work, which ended up leading to a full time role in copywriting in the tech space, which has been where I’ve stably worked ever since. It’s helped pay for a house, a wedding, and generally whatever else I’ve needed to keep me alive and kicking.

    TL;DR – I was looking for something that would get a chuckle from some friends.

    I found full time work and a career for the next 9+ years.

  3. Went into forest for a walk, and found a big ass fucking 80s 5band stereo radio Panasonic. I collect old things, so this was really cool for me. I cleaned it up and it’s sitting on my wardrobe now. It could even work by the looks, only visible thing that would prevent that is missing power cord.

  4. I spent days digging myself a tunnel to search for iron in the hopes I could use it to make up for my lack of anything shiny, until one day. I had just dug out some really nice iron ore, and thats when I saw it: the unmistakable pale blue sheen that could only mean one thing. *I had found my diamond*.

    Then I went back to my base and made a diamond hoe to annoy my friends playing on the server with me.

  5. I just wanted to buy some noodles it was late at night so only little shops were open.I entered one and got 4 packs of noodles.Cashier said”Wow you really that miserable?” she was a teenager who tried to make fun of me.I just said “look i am tired as hell,give me your number and we can argue later.”(Sounds cooler in my language) I was clearly goofing but it actually work and she gave me her number.We talked for 1 week and she became my girlfriend.After weeks of awkward relationship we broke up.But hooking up with someone while buying noodles.I think it’s pretty great

  6. Once I answered a W4M Craigslist ad that read:

    >###Looking for a really big dick

    > I just got divorced, and the only men I’ve been with have been *small.* Like the size of my thumb. I want to know what it’s like to be with one that I can really feel.

    Sure this was some sort of automated post, I shot a message anyway. A really low effort message.

    > Saw your ad. I’d like to talk on the phone, or meet for a drink. Get to know you, make sure there’s chemistry. Here’s me: [totally solicited dick pic]

    We celebrated our 10 year anniversary a few months ago.

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