What were some of the worst experiences you have had while working in the fast food industry?

What were some of the worst experiences you have had while working in the fast food industry?

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  1. I used to work at a restaurant and, surprisingly common, people will eat most of the food—then complain about it in hopes of bot having to pay. That was always annoying.

  2. Didn’t work in fast food, but worked at a fancier restaurant. What got me was discovering the disgusting manner that people will leave their tables once they’re finished. I grew up in a “lower class” family, but we always cleaned up our table when eating out. Stacking dishes on the side of the table for easier cleanup, cleaning up any food debris on the table itself. I’m also a fiddly person, so I’ll make coffee creamer pyramids and such. Before I leave, I make sure to properly put the creamers back in their place.

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered that other families… not only do they not do the niceties of stacking plates and putting unused items back in their spots, they leave the table looking like a tornado passed over it. Sugar sprinkled over the entire table like a dusting of snow. Someone’s gum still stuck to the side of their drinking glass. Food smeared into the carpet. This was a *fancy* restaurant, and many tables looked like a group of wild boars had eaten there.

    I can only imagine how much worse it must be for fast food employees.

  3. Worked as a delivery driver in College Station, TX. When hurricane Ike hit, everyone was advised to stay indoors, but my restaurant remained open and I had to come into work. Only one person ordered a delivery the entire shift. I drove there in torrential rain, and when I got there, she made me stand outside while she slowly checked the order, then wrote “zero” on the tip line. Then she called the restaurant and demanded I come back because we forgot to attach the dollar off coupon to the bag. Fortunately the manager told her no.

  4. I worked at a counter-service burrito place for a little while. I remember going into the walk-in freezer and catching the assistant manager smoking a bowl. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “Now you need to take a hit so you can’t rat me out.”

    …Actually, now that I think about it, fast food was okay sometimes.

  5. My only “fast food” experience was my senior year of High School, 1998, I worked at TCBY in the fall for maybe 2 months if not less. Before mid-November that’s for sure.

    I huffed 3 boxes of ready-whip, ate 2 bags of cookie dough, and blasted metal music while smoking in the back room. in that time.

    One day a lady came in preaching and asked me if I knew Jesus. I gave her the cone she ordered, turned up Slayer and walked away.

    Turns out she was one of the owners friends.


    Got a job at a record store a couple weeks later.

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