What were you wrong about?

What were you wrong about?

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  1. My health.

    I was in complete denial I was ok and could handle everything on my own. Before I knew it, my mental health spiraled out of control with my physical health not too far behind.

  2. I was wrong about the box office success of The Dark Knight in 2008.

    I claimed it wouldn’t make the amount of money people were predicting. It made much more.

  3. I was wrong to leave you, son. But don’t worry, the last place I stopped assured me they knew where I could get my brand of cigarettes, and I’ll be home 10, maybe 20 years after.

  4. Covid. I thought we’d get a few cases of here and there and everyone will be alright overall but then when the NBA shutdown, that’s when I took a step back and realized how serious it was.

  5. I figured if I just doubled down on the whole “being a man” thing that the whole trans thing would go away and I wouldn’t have to make any difficult changes in my life.

    Turns out that doesn’t work and just made me way unhappier for way longer than if I had just accepted who I was from the start.

    I’m happy now so it’s cool but whoopsie. Don’t stay in the closet any longer than you have to folks, it’s a nightmare.

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