What will happen if one masturbates every day?

What will happen if one masturbates every day?

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  1. The act itself? Nothing at all. It’s just a natural act and release – there is no sin, shame, or anything negative attached.

    Couple things to keep in mind:

    If it feels like something literally out of your control – an addiction – then there is nothing wrong with seeking help.

    Be very careful about (assuming you are male) being too aggressive or using the “death grip”. This can cause you to lose sensation, injure yourself, or make actual intercourse more difficult in the future.

    Pornography is just fine to peruse – but be cautious as well. Be careful about “finding the next thrill”, about seeking increasingly bizarre or questionable things. Everyone has a fetish, and that’s fine. But, again, an over-reliance on pornography and an obsession with highly specific pornographies may make actual intercourses more difficult unless you are able to find someone with identical fetishes. It can also give you an unrealistic expectation of what sexual intercourse is and may set you up for failure in the future. In short – pornography can be an assist, but don’t make it the pursuit.

    In short – if you feel like it is negatively affecting your life, reevaluate and make some changes. If you are worried about being judged, it being a sin, or it being unusual; don’t. It’s natural, and literally everyone has done it.

  2. Im going to tell you what my sex ed teacher in middleschool said when this exact question was submitted to her anonymous drop box. GET A HOBBY

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