What would it take to heal the divide between Democrats and Republicans in the US?

What would it take to heal the divide between Democrats and Republicans in the US?

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  1. In all honesty, I think both sides are completely aware of the common ground that exists between them. That common ground is (likely) where the vast majority of citizens would like their government to operate.

    There is too much reward for constantly choosing partisanship instead of using the US’s insane wealth and influence to do what will best serve the interests of the community, the country and the world.

    When you remove the value in existing just to blockade your opponent’s ideas, then the world might see some actual politics take place.

  2. Also like to add that labelling one side inherently bad (doesn’t matter if they actually are) instantly alienates a whole demographic. These kinds of statements lead to the need to defend a position, and don’t leave room to have discussions that build trust and an empathetic understanding of the “opposing side” over time.

  3. More representation outside of the two parties. As long as there are only two political parties, they will continue to move toward opposite extremes.

    Cannot have a functioning democracy with only two ‘representing’ political ideologies.

  4. Media. Republicans are objectively abhorrent, but Murdoch media runs countless pro-Republican and anti-Democrat stories to tens of millions of viewers. I can’t see any improvements until media is held to account for the lies and miss-truths they spread, and go on to be less partial.

  5. There is an antagonistic contradiction between the two; therefore, for the contradiction to be solved, the contradiction must manifest itself in the form of conflict, and then the conflict must solve itself through struggle.

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