What would you answer if your last ex called you and want to restart your relationship again?

What would you answer if your last ex called you and want to restart your relationship again?

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  1. Have been the recipient of that outreach four times. Three of them got a reply that I’m happily married but don’t mind keeping in touch as friends. We maintain various levels of contact ranging from birthday hellos to talking about current events. One of them is a news hound and our politics are similar.

    The fourth one was more interesting in the *may you live in interesting times* sense. After blocking him without a response and waiting an appropriate interval, I contacted new wife through a secure method and gave her the case numbers for his prior criminal convictions. Also offered to testify in court if she ever needs it. He served a sentence for spousal abuse (and that’s serious because the default in cases that go to trial is an anger management course).

  2. I’d hear them out, start dating them, wait until things got pretty serious, and then ghost them out of nowhere like they did with me and laugh about it with my current boyfriend, who would 1000% be in on it too.

  3. I once asked her to come over and she immediately answered and said that she was on her way.(I’m the one that broke up the relationship for reasons that I don’t want to get into) we ended up getting back together for a few weeks and although things were going good I just didn’t feel the same way so I broke it off again. But as of late she’s been on my mind a lot and if she was to call/text me than I’d tell her “let’s try it again” and not only because I’ve been thinking about her but because I think that I would at least owe her that much.

  4. Depends which one

    Edit: I reread it. Don’t yell at me. Ok. Yeah Id straight up ignore her. She was the most manipulative person I ever met, honestly impressed by her thoroughness.

  5. Sorry I’m really only into dudes now.

    Unless you count the crush that finally rejected me after like 2 years, in which case, you literally just said you aren’t into me and I already told everyone that knew about you, also I’m still kind a little sore from you leading me on until yesterday afternoon.

  6. Mine did, was nice, but sent her on her way. She was all drama, all the time. Even her attempted return was accompanied by drama, and all the bad things going on in her life, etc. No thanks.

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