What would you do if God gave you admin privilege on Earth?

What would you do if God gave you admin privilege on Earth?

What do you think?

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  1. I’d probably go into well-intentioned extremist territory, ngl. Eliminate the rich and corrupt, enforce equality, cease war and poverty, and smite anyone who goes against the change

  2. Oh I’d love this. I guess I’ll start by making everyone have an urge to masturbate constantly. Everyone would be doing it so often that their arms would hurt, but they couldn’t stop, they just couldn’t! As their arms begin to fall off and deteriorate, they would plea for help, but of course, I would just make them go faster. Tendons and muscles would start to melt, and their screams of pain would only fuel my ever lasting ego. Arms would be strewn around the world along with the bodies of drained men and women.

  3. Hmm, healthcare for all and no more greedy health insurance companies.

    Alter the timeline so firefly ran for five wonderful seasons.

    Eliminate racial hatred, make all countries realise that through peaceful cooperation then mankind can achieve true greatness.

    Take all the money spent on defence and use it to clothe and feed the people of the world and ensure they can all grow up healthy.

    Put the Kardashian clan off the TV forever and have them run a successful soup kitchen where they all work very hard feeding the former homeless a dazzling array of traditional Armenian soup recipes.

    And if possible have milla Jovovich and Sigourney Weaver as my concubines and for my wife to be cool with it (now that would be a miracle)



    UPDATE Humans SET PowerOfCreation = True WHERE name = “Scytian”;

    I’m not really decided if I want to remove Earth or became God.

  5. I would turn the world into Minecraft with the different countries getting to choose which mods they wanted and no griefing allowed outside of certain areas.

    The countries could also enable pvp for their own countries but they can’t attack another.

    The world would be infinite with each country being separated by like a million blocks and unclaimed territory would have pvp and could be claimable with enough points.

    Maybe the whole world would have factions mod enabled that might make it easier too.

    Also there would be no y limit either, but the current -y level would still have bedrock with the void beneath.

    I think each family would have their own end dimension to make beating the ender dragon a family accomplishment.

    What do your guys think?

    Edit: also we’d have worldwide internet connection and have cell phones in the game but only for chat, command menu, and Minecraft videos on YouTube.

  6. I would take the forest grow tool and regrow all the missing forests that some of the NPCs cut down The system should use the available carbon to satisfy this thus fixing the overabundance of CO2 in the atmosphere

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