What would you do if your country fell into a dictatorship?

What would you do if your country fell into a dictatorship?

What do you think?

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  1. As an American i would make sure there is some sort of worthy revolt against them and join that I certainly wouldn’t like to be under a dictatorship even if they agree with everything I belive in because fundamentally they don’t as im against dictatorship.

  2. Well,I’m in one and there’s 3 ways.
    (1)Normalize it and accept the dictatorship.
    (2)Protest and get into an uprising or the revolutionary group,and fight it
    (3)leave the country.
    An extra option for those who are not the above 3 is boycott the coup and their business,provide and support the No.2 people,help the misplaced people.

  3. If I were single with no family like I am now, I would join a fighting force of revolutionaries.

    If it happened during a time I’m married with a family. I would help but probably in a support role such as Emergency Management which I will have a degree in.

  4. My country is currently falling into an oligarchic dictatorship, so… I am planning to move abroad next year so GTFO is my answer I guess xD I only hope that the Chech Republic will be a better place

  5. i’d offer my hand and help to pull it back up?? it’s really rude to walk on by when someone falls right in front of you, you should at least ask if they’re okay

  6. i’d probably end my life tbh. i know how good my life is in this democracy so i don’t know if i could handle it to have my freedom taken away. i don’t think i could.

  7. I don’t think the US is truly at risk as many of you are suggesting. A dictatorship requires military cooperation, and military leadership has not supported the insurrection or any other precursor-to-Gilead policies endorsed by Trump supporters.

    An overthrow of the military itself would require a conspiracy of unprecedented scale, and it seems unlikely the CIA would be on board.

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