What would you do with one million lemons?

What would you do with one million lemons?

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  1. Hord and keep them fresh for as long as I can, then hide them one by one in random places for a specific person to find (like in front of their doorstep or on their doormat). I’ll do that for as long as I have them. And when I don’t anymore, it just stops and the person will be left confused for as long as they don’t figure out who did it.

  2. Sell it and buy the lemon farms with the money generated. And then i will artificially deflate the supply of lemons causing lemons to be fricking expensive. And then i will sell all of the rest. STONKS!!11!1!1!!!!

  3. Sell them.

    Lemons are about $2.00 per pound. There are about 4 lemons per pound, meaning 1/2 dollar/lemon.

    I’d make $500,000 just like that.

    Edit: Some figures were incorrect; still, the point still stands.

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