What would you rate your looks out of ten and why?

What would you rate your looks out of ten and why?

What do you think?


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  1. A 2 at the most. I’m about 95 lbs above my ideal weight and have terrible teeth. Plus, the fact that at 39 I’ve never had a girlfriend or lost my virginity shows that everyone obviously thinks very poorly of me.

  2. 3/10. My face has all the parts in the right places, but they’re pretty unappealing parts. The rest of me isn’t great either, but I have been told I have nice hands.

  3. To myself and my own taste, I consider myself a 7.

    Realistically I’m probably a 4-5 for most people because I don’t wear makeup, I have short hair and I’m not terribly feminine (not out of any resentment, I just don’t think it suits me).

  4. I’m very very self-loathing, so I find it hard to say anything nice about myself, but if I’m being really logical, I know I’m not super-hideous or anything, so I’d probably say about a 5?

  5. 1/10, and I’m going with 1 rather than 0 only because I care about my appearance and looking presentable. But I’m objectively hideous no matter what culture’s beauty standards you look at.

  6. I look like a cross between David Bowie and Peter Murphy, and I’m really tall

    So, I personally have no fucking clue but it sure as shit is working for me on goth night at the local bars

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