What’s a canceled series that you wish wasn’t canceled?

What’s a canceled series that you wish wasn’t canceled?

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  1. Overall? Firefly. I wish they had continued it way back then. The movie sequel was better than nothing, and good in it’s own right, but they had to retcon much of the story to fit into a movie. They had like a 5 season story arc planned. I wish we could have seen it.

    More recently? Mindhunter got cancelled by netflix. Or at least, they released all the actors from their contracts, which means it will be near impossible to get them all back on board because they’ll all go on to other projects and sign other contracts that limit their availability.

  2. Not cancelled. But GoT should still be filming right now in order to get a half decent ending. The rushed finish ruined it.

    I realize there were tons of logistical reasons why they finished it, this is my perfect world scenario.

  3. Sense8

    It ended up getting an above average ending, but it had a lot of potential to keep it going for another season, not have a rushed movie ending.

    Fantastic cast, great script, great music. Truly a special show that deserved a longer running.

  4. Mike Tyson Mysteries. It obviously isn’t the same without Norm Macdonald, but if they were to get one more season out before Norm passed, it would’ve given me more closure

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