What’s a company secret you can share, because you don’t work there anymore?

What’s a company secret you can share, because you don’t work there anymore?

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  1. The senior partner at a regional office of a law firm insisted on opening all incoming office correspondence so he could add charges to the client’s files for himself . He’d charge out $1,000 – $1,200 per day reading mail that he had no need to.

    90% of the correspondence was for matters that he was not working on or was not qualified to work on. He was a commercial lawyer reading correspondence on criminal/family law matters.

    He once charged for his time reading a letter attaching a cheque which was a fund raising donation to be sent to the family of the deceased.

  2. Tobacco companies would deliberately leave packs of cigarettes exposed at liquor stores where kids could “steal” them because “a pack stolen is a pack sold.”

    They’ll be back soon to buy a pack.

  3. 90 % of fresh bread and pastries in bakeries come in frozen. I read some people say they cooked fresh Pizza at Dominos in the US, the store I worked at in London was frozen bases topped off with store brand mozzarella and cheap whole sale ingredients. What makes it taste better than at home is the expensive industrial oven that cooks things a lot better because it pre heats very quickly and heats the food better than home ovens.

  4. most clothes that get donated to Goodwill get thrown out. at a normal store they go through donations and if it isn’t good enough (stains or tears on clothes, electronics that don’t work, ect) or if it’s been in the store for a month it gets sent to a Goodwill Outlet store. those are cheeper but a lot of things still don’t get bought there. if they’re at the outlet store for long enough they’re just thrown out.

    you wouldn’t think it would be that many clothes, but in the few months I worked there about half our donations got sent to the Outlet stores and most of the stuff there gets thrown out eventually.

    also please don’t donate your cum socks to Goodwill

  5. At a private country club I worked at for a decade they have a chef that is just a vile sexual harassing womanizer. He’s always smart about it though. He gets women in private before he makes his move. So that it is always someone’s word against his. And the board of directors know how bad he is and covers for him since he is the country club’s brand. They keep this hidden from the members.

    I have copies of some of the memos. I had secret access to all their dirty shit they did especially to employees. They have no idea.

  6. Two coworkers used the lactation room to have sex and they were caught when a new mother was trying to get in but they were keeping the door closed so she had to get security.

    They both kept their jobs

  7. Well, my controller who resigned shared with us that our former, disgraced CEO slept with half the women in the company and had a rape accusation against him by one of the VPs.

  8. A well known London startup for selling an “employee wellness” rewards product was one of the most toxic workplaces I’ve ever worked in. I guess the product wasn’t used in house?

  9. This isn’t a company secret it’s just a unknown by a lot of people. I used to pump out grease traps… Most makeup is made from kitchen grease that is pumped out of kitchen grease traps that look like sewer tanks out in front of the restaurants. The trucks were considered food grade because what was in the tank was going to come in contact with human skin again… If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant and there’s a vacuum truck working on a manhole cover lid right outside. that’s a grease trap truck and it smells just as bad as sewage most people get the two smells confused.

  10. Pepsi Cola in California devises it’s marketing and product placement and flow to Mexican demographic mainly. Stores were labeled as low Hispanic moderate Hispanic or High Hispanic .. as a worker I was always a high Hispanic 😉 !! Plus the main boss John tempanie or what ever was like a dumbass about minorities . He didn’t want us to put up little Wayne or Beyoncé flair in stores but rather thought the rascal flats were a more wholesome choice in San Diego lol ..

  11. Marinara sauce and pizza sauce at Pizza Hut are the same thing. They come out of the same bag and you just water it down until it gets the right consistency(don’t remember the ratio nor do I care).

  12. Several unfortunately…

    -Inventory Controller for a global electronics manufacturer was caught diverting inventory and selling on the side. The company didn’t want the publicity and I think he got away with it. He opened a now very popular restaurant in a trendy part of town.

    -A sales rep with a possessive cop boyfriend was having in affair with a coworker. She was found dead. Cause of death never disclosed. Boyfriend was known for comments about bodies disappearing in the Ozark Mountains.

    -Entire shipping containers of obsolete, licensed product, and defective product being dumped in the Pacific. (2006-2009 or longer)

    -A toy company owned by a multimillionaire with many Walmart contracts and contacts gutted his 25+ employee company down to two ladies that handled support, sales, purchasing, etc. with everything else being outsourced. I stayed for 10 hours of work to layout how to the job they hired me to tackle. Still considered an American company.

    -A christian boss covering for a Christian employee who ran up 16k on the company credit card on a stripper he fell in love with. Employee paid him back.

    -a senior support technician who had a daily meeting that ended up being naps under his desk (slept behind returns/warranty replacements)

    -25 million spent on an overseas marketing campaign that flopped and she spun it as a success and got a promotion (she must have known some shit)

    And so many more. I left the corporate world. I’d rather be poor.

  13. IGCSE testing*
    The ICT book for IGCSE testing is out of date (plenty of its content needs to be updated) which means that it is no longer considered as a reliable source of information.
    However, when I told the representative of the matter in a seminar, he simply replied:” If we update the curriculum now, we`ll have to update the entire testing criteria.” These guys are more concerned with having testers, rather than providing appropriate tests.

  14. I worked at a company selling beauty & health products and I’m in charge of their finances. From product to packaging it cost us 13$ to make, we sell one for 200$ and people bought em like crazy. We went from making thousands to making millions per month. However making that much money in a short amount of time is what eventually kills the company

  15. Honestly I would have posted this here while I worked there. Office Depot does these scans on brand new computers that tell you it needs work. It’s the same false positive programs that Indian scam sites might use. After I quit, they had to stop using the software shortly after.

    It might as well of been a program that outputs the string “give us 60 and/or 180 dollars please”

    Also, there is a water park in America made by an international very famous company that might as well be an electrical death trap that is just waiting to fall to pieces. There was an occurrence of several people being shocked in the lazy river and the company refused to disclose electrical details. They said it might compromise them for theft or some bullshit other reason.

  16. At a small taco shop I worked at in a gas station. We used to actually kill animals like squirrels rabbits and sometimes deer when low on meat! With the right seasoning you can’t tell the difference much.

  17. I used to work at a major DIY store and every complaint we got was pretty much justified because it almost always boiled down to the fact that we weren’t properly staffed. Like most of the time there’d be only one person working the paint section during the day, which is insane since paint is one of the most popular things we sell. So when he goes on break, there’s just a bunch of frustrated customers who’d have to wait an hour just to pick out one thing.

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