What’s a cool science fact most people don’t know?

What’s a cool science fact most people don’t know?

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  1. Bees experience a genetic phenomenon known as haploiddiploidy. All unfertalized eggs are automatically born males, but with the male bee sperm the fertilized eggs will be born female.

  2. * Bees can mathematically communicate where exactly a food source is by shuffling. They legit use the sun position and extra shuffles are added to communicate distance. Blew my mind that bees had this amount of intelligence.
    * Gray Eastern Squirrels stockpile their food and hide them in caches. They will fake stockpiling their food if they think they’re being watched and then run off to properly hide it.

  3. The Voyager 1 & 2 space craft, which just (45 yrs after launch) passed out of the heliosphere (the edge of the Sun’s influence), are now moving at almost 40,000 mph.

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  4. The materials of your body are as old as the universe itself. From energy, to subatomic particles, to atoms, to stars where atoms combine into heavier elements, through the various biological processes of other organisms you’ve never even seen through billions of years, all to come down to you– in this very moment– reading this. You’re constantly gaining and shedding this material. It’s perpetually being shed from and rearranged into what is

  5. Elephants have been observed to bury their deceased beneath vegetation and to stay with the bodies for a while thereafter, acting in a manner akin to that of a person in mourning. In fact, a “burial” is believed to be different from merely covering up or discarding a body because it is associated with evident grief or grieving.
    Additionally, I’ve read that people have been interred there.

  6. Paper towels work by extending tendrils.

    This was so crazy to me when I first took a chemistry class. I’d never even though about how this worked.

    Paper towels absorb liquid by sticking out tendrils.

  7. Benjamin Franklin discovered the conservation of electric charge which almost directly lead to him successfully creating The United States through deft diplomacy. The French were so in love with him for being America’s great man due in large part for his work on electricity that it granted him a great deal of good will personally to negotiate with them. He was also the only person to sign the 4 documents that effectively created the United States. The Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Alliance with France, the Treaty of Paris that ended the war, and The Constitution of The United States. He was the oldest person at the Constitutional Convention by 15 years which is one reason he was never President.

  8. Fecal transplants is the process of inserting someone else’s Poo into the colon of a patient who does not have enough healthy bacteria in their GI tract

  9. You can substitute an egg for 65g of blood when baking a cake.

    When the sun rise, we see it about 11 min earlier than it is due to the atmosphere curving the sun’s light.

  10. A computer’s operation can be explained as the manipulation of billions of ones and zeros all working together to keep your quantum computer made out of meat entertained,

  11. Rainbows aren’t real things. They are optical phenomena that are entirely observer-dependent much like a mirage. Therefore every rainbow you see is yours and yours alone.

  12. When female to male tra­ns people take testo­­sterone, their clitoris develops into a tiny little penis.

    Yes really, and yes google images will prove it.

  13. Our rock is 4.6 Billion years old
    It has had life for 3 6 Billion years
    That life has been multicellular for 1.7 Billion
    Mammals popped up 178 million years ago
    Modern humans originated 200,000 years ago
    But have only had civilization for 10,000 years
    Electricity has been used about 150 years
    We have been listening to bits of space for about 50 years, and broadcasting almost twice that long.
    In that slice of time we’ve found one or two things that aren’t easily explained, such as the WOW! Signal.

  14. • When you blush, your stomach feels it and turns red, too. That’s why you feel hot.

    • When lucid dreaming, it’s impossible to go to any person/character and ask them “What time/day/month is it?” They’ll never answer you.

    • Also, if you can’t tell whether you’re dreaming or awake, or if you’re having a nightmare, the quickest way to tell is to force your brain to look at your fingers and count. When dreaming, you’ll NEVER have the correct number of fingers; always more or less than 10.

    • The Troxler Effect/Fade: A phenomenon where if you stand in a dimly lit room staring at a mirror for 10+ minutes, focusing on your nose, your remaining facial features will change into something cryptic and your brain will trick you into thinking your face has morphed/distorted into a “monster/demon”. This occurs because our nervous system takes away any “unnecessary stimuli”, which causes our brains to bore and slow. (On subject, this is what most horror folklore then movie ideas of the likes are based on.)

    • One cloud can weigh up to a million pounds.

    • Yawning lows the temperature in your brain.

  15. Doorknobs are metal because it’s hard for bacteria to grow on metal at a fast rate. And since we touch them a lot this makes spreading germs slower.

    When eating yogurt you need to use a non-metal spoon otherwise the metal will kill the good bacteria in the yogurt, rendering the benefits of yogurt useless.

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