What’s a dangerous toy you’ve played with?

What’s a dangerous toy you’ve played with?

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  1. I had one of the cabbage patch kids dolls that would eat the thingys or whatever. I got it for my bday when I was like… 5. Got rid of it/Donated it when I was 7. Didnt notice how dangerous it was until I was 11. Those things can devour your fingers and pull out all your hair!!!

  2. Those dang sky dancers from the 90’s. I can’t even count how many times my long hair got all caught up and the doll had to be cut out.

  3. A dinosaur action figure.

    Now that may not sound that dangerous, but it was able to actually roar when you press a button on it. And I held it directly up to my ear. I probably damaged my hearing a lot

  4. Bb gun

    Once me and my brother were playing with one but some of the bullets got stuck and we called my dad to fix it so he took it and said that 3 bullets were jammed and he started banging it on the table and I was standing right in front of it and the bullets got unjammed all at once and shot it under my eye and right in the corner of my eye

    It was the best moment of my life yet if it hit right in my eye there would’ve been a big problem

  5. Fire , I LOVED to play with it but I was all ways terrified of burning the house down so I always had a cup of water in then sink below me and I just burned paper , plastic and tried to melt a metal chain and was so confused when it didn’t 😂

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