What’s a discontinued food or item that should be brought back?

What’s a discontinued food or item that should be brought back?

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  1. Not exactly discontinued, but my grocery store used to sell soybean butter just as commonly as peanut butter. They took it away at some point, and now only have the crazy expensive organic stuff at specialty isles. I loved it as a child and I want it back.

  2. Pepsi Blue came back and was gone too fast. I want it back permanently. What douchebag is buying cherry vanilla Pepsi? I want Pepsi Blue all the time.

    Otherwise, beefy fritos burrito is up there from Taco Bell.

    I also want that ketchup that was green or purple.

  3. Does anyone remember a soda drink that had jelly like tiny balls floating in it. I swear it was a real thing, but no one remembers it. Also, a candy called Bonkers. When my brother and I were little, my mom would buy us each a sweet treat now and again. We would pick Bonkers, eat one, and throw ourselves around the house for a very long time because we Bonkers!!!

  4. taco bell’s XXL grillsd stuft burrito. it was perfect. the grilled tortilla, the ingredients. you just needed one. no meal bullshit. and it ended up being pretty cheap without being dollar menu cheap. nowadays i end up not eating enough or getting too much. i only really go there if my family asks me too. even then i normally make something for myself when i get back home

  5. Joosters. Yeah, I had them once when I was about 8 and didn’t think about them again until about a week ago but now I’m pregnant and I’ve literally never wanted anything more. They’ve been discontinued, I can’t find them anywhere, I’m in hell.

  6. There was this honey lattice cereal back in the 90’s. It wasn’t Chex, they were puffier than Chex. Every so often my thoughts drift off to those cereal, I miss them.

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