What’s a disturbing fact that not a lot of people know of?

What’s a disturbing fact that not a lot of people know of?

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  1. Government is not your friend, and even around election time when they are pandering to their constituents, they only do so to achieve their own ends.

    Governments do not care about those that they govern. Never have, never will.

  2. There’s a whole bunch of missing nuclear weapons around the world, so common that the is actually had a term for it ‘broken arrow’ events

    Some of these weapons have never been found, notably atleast one was accidentally dropped over the US some years back and was never found

    One also reportedly appeared on the black market at one point

    Sleep tight

  3. You could of walked past a stranger on their last day alive, depending on how old you are it’s probably happened multiple times and you had no clue

  4. A dwindling number of people really understand how computer software works at the root level (machine language). Very few programmers are learning the real basics and just understand Playskool languages (like Javascript and Python which are vastly simplified by layers built top of assembly code that actually tells the CPU what to do). In a generation or two, the fundamentals will be known only to an elite priesthood and everyone else will consider machine language indistinguishable from magic. It’s like having fire, fine while it’s burning, but not knowing how to create it.

  5. In 1942 German submarines were bombed while trying to save survivors of a ship they sunk (they radioed their intentions and actions openly and asked any ship in the area for help, even using red cross flags). Many survivors of the sinking were killed by the attacking aircraft. As a result the Germans forbade any help for the crews of sunken ships (Laconia order). Post war, the US briefly tried to judge this order as a war crime, until the full story was revealed.

  6. Tow trucking is a dangerous job. We go out when the police would. We go out on our own budget we don’t get money from the state. We go out in the smoldering hot desert at around 115 f to the low of -30 F. That’s not the fact though. If we over load any truck winch cable the exact weight of the vehicle is held in that cable. If it snaps it can cut of limps cut you in half or damage your truck.

  7. After 9/11 some US Army units were sent to various places around the country and told to get ready for mass bombings, rioting, kidnappings and hijackings. It was believed in some circles of the DoD and State that *tens of thousands* of unregistered Muslim immigrants were sleepers and about to go all jihad on the US.

    Eventually we were just sent back to our posts, when everyone calmed their tits. Had some fun hanging out in a hotel near Disney World, though.

  8. The way we laid our cities out is economicly unsustainable and will go bankrupt. Only debt, loans, bonds, and deficit spending has kept this from happening already and we’ve reached the point where it cannot stop the implosion for much longer.

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