What’s a fast food restaurant that’s overhyped?

What’s a fast food restaurant that’s overhyped?

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  1. Whataburger in Texas..

    Their bread is disgusting like old buns from the dollar store.. and the meat is barely if at all seasoned..

    Texans are crazy about it and it honestly is just very mediocre.

  2. White Castle. After watching Harold and Kumar, I had to try it. Flew to the east coast to go to the restaurant and ordered literally everything on the menu. It was not good.

  3. Burger King is legit trash. They do nothing well.

    Burgers- Creamed by Wendy’s

    Chicken- Creamed by Wendy’s

    Fries- Can’t sniff McDonalds jock strap

  4. Chick-Fil-A. When they were very rare in New York, people used to drive hours because rumors it was this amazing chicken sandwich restaurant. Now that they’re everywhere, I think we’ve all just realized it’s basically just Christian KFC.

  5. In and Out. I actually like it, but the way people talk about it and hype it up is so ridiculous. It’s definitely a cultural meme behavior where people feel they have to say it’s amazing regardless of how much they really feel that way.

  6. Chuck.E.cheese they’re games are plain guitar hero was broken so no inputs and worst of all, no animatronics they were just tvs with people in costume dancing not even live, the praise I can give it is that the food ain’t bad and that’s it.

    Crap chuck.e.cheese isn’t fast food… oh well who gives a crap anyway

  7. There’s this restaurant down the block called Dick’s Hot Dog Cart. I’ve heard like two, maybe three people say the hot dogs were pretty good.

    It’s like, sheesh people, can you talk about some other restaurant please

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