What’s a food you had a bad experience with that turned you off from it forever?

What’s a food you had a bad experience with that turned you off from it forever?

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  1. Mine: chocolate syrup. If I ever had to take a pill as a kid, my parents would crush it and mix it with the syrup, only the bitter pill flavor just mixed with it instead of being drowned out… so now even the smell of chocolate syrup makes me shiver

  2. Sour cream.. my grandpa used to serve us bananas and sour cream with sugar on top as a dessert when I was a young kid .. one time he forgot the sugar and I got a big spoon without banana so just sour cream. I can’t go near it since then .. the smell alone makes me dry heave

  3. Cottage cheese, got a stomach bug shortly after eating a whole container of it. Boy was that a mess to clean up. Now the sight of it makes me queasy, and if I try to put any in my mouth I gag immediately and repeated attempts cause me to vomit.

  4. Beef roast with soy sauce and ranch dressing, i was a stupid ass kid and drank the remaining juices after eating roast beef and ranch, i puked profusely after and i get nauseated just thinking about it

  5. I went to the tomato fight in Spain. Thousands of people crowding a street while throwing tomatoes at each other. You would be standing in knee high tomatoes gunk. People would bring cups and pitchers, scoop up the gunk and throw it at you. Just completely covered in tomatoes. My swimsuit smelled of tomatoes for a month. Anyway, later that day I ate some bad clams. So I gag whenever I’m around clams now

  6. Sweet potatoes. One time didn’t eat it as a kid and was forced to stay at the table until I ate it and ended up falling asleep at 4am because I wouldn’t eat it and to this day I will not eat it even if I might actually like it lol.

  7. Mussels. Used to love them.

    One evening during a work trip I had some when out for dinner with a colleague. I was violently ill all night, and the following day traveling back home (via train).

    Never touched one since.

  8. Pineapple, My whole body gets covered in hives and I swell up and get UNGODLY itchy, one errant twitch and my whole body crashes into the pure blood curdling necessity to scratch my body with a pitchfork

  9. I ate a hotdog one day, and I started feeling weird, turns out that the hotdog, was a hotdog, I just hated it. I threw up, was sick for a week, and had explosive diarrhea.

  10. Having eaten at a Mexican restaurant, I became ill. I puked so hard that I burst a blood vessel in my eye twice, and for the next two years, I couldn’t even think of Mexican food without being sick.

  11. I used to love a delicious, rare seared tuna steak.

    Then I spent three days on the bathroom floor, curled up in the fetal position, exploding from both ends with such force I would spin round like a Catherine Wheel.

    I have not ventured a tuna steak since.

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