What’s a food you haven’t eaten in a LONG time and would love to have again?

What’s a food you haven’t eaten in a LONG time and would love to have again?

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  1. My grandmother’s chicken gravy. She’s been dead for almost twenty years and it’s been almost 30 since I had it. I have her recipe but it’s not the same and it was my favorite. She grew up and raised a family dirt poor and knew how to make that taste amazing.

  2. Part of me misses fast food burgers, whilst another part is happy losing weight and having energy.

    I’d likely go for BK’s double stacker king. Not the best burger per say, I just love the stacker sauce. OG stacker was my fav thing growing up, so I’m glad they brought it back. Even if I’m barred from it now, lol

  3. I can’t remember the name of it but
    When I was really little and on holiday in the canary Islands I’d always have this ice cream that was like stripes of vanilla and chocolate whippy

    Never seen it since but it’s on my mind regularly

    That or similarly, same destination I’d have these little ketchup sized sachets with Bart Simpson on them, filled with orange colour gel and unknown flavour

  4. Baighan barta from my favorite Indian restaurant that isn’t super close to me anymore. They cook it so well and spicy and add cream to it and oh my god it changes my life every time. No other Indian place around me makes it like that.

  5. Dungeness crab. I had one in San Francisco like twelve years ago and it was easily the best crab I ever had. I’m from the east coast where our crabs are smaller and a lot of work to take apart- to the point where I don’t want to bother. Lots of little bony bits, just not worth the effort in my opinion. But that dungeness was just so damn good.

  6. I miss Olive Garden salad and breadsticks.

    We had a restaurant here (Toronto) when I was younger and I used to love going there. Sadly though, I was probably the only one, as it closed due to no business here.

    It’s been probably 30 (or more) years since I’ve been to one but I would love to go again.

  7. Krosti and Yeager sauce.
    And before anyone says i can get them…
    Not like the ones i got when i was young. The owner of that shop took his recipie for yeager sauce to his grave.

  8. Been going sugar-free for three months now and still get cravings almost daily – can’t eat it for health reasons but I loved anything sugar as a kid

  9. Man, when I lived in the LA area there was a place called The Golden Bowl in Covina. I was so addicted to their spicy teriyaki bowls with avocado and extra sesame seed. So so freaking delicious and inexpensive. Miss them badly.

  10. Right after returning from a deployment to Afghanistan we stopped on the way back and docked in Perth Australia. I had these amazing kangaroo sirloin tips that were the best me I have ever had to date. Beer was good too lol.

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