What’s a fool proof excuse to skip a party?

What’s a fool proof excuse to skip a party?

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  1. Just remember, if you are skipping a party, it’s polite to do it with as much notice as possible. You don’t want your friend to be in one of those situations where everyone cancels at the last minute for an “unexpected” issue. And then they post a sad picture of an empty birthday party on Reddit, and the entire world thinks you’re a horrible friend.

    Giving advanced notice is more important to your relationship than any excuse you might give when bailing just before the party.

  2. Being honest about not wanting to go.

    The problem with excuses is that people will try to wave them away with their reasoning. And then you have to make up another excuse, and so on, and so on.

    But if your honest and say that you don’t want to go, you can stick to that, no matter their reasoning.

  3. IBS. Yoooooooo so my IBS is acting up, just letting you know. It’ll probably clear up soon tho! If they hit you up later about it, say you’re still shitting and you’re not about to spend the whole party in their bathroom. It grosses people out and always works.

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