What’s a giant plot hole in a film or TV show you can’t get over?

What’s a giant plot hole in a film or TV show you can’t get over?

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  1. Pretty much all characters gaining teleoportation powers in last 2 seasons of Game of Thrones.

    Remember the first season when it took months to travel from Winterfell in the North to King’s landing?

    Also, the Dothrakis respawning after being killed off in a battle against zombies.

  2. In avengers: Endgame when Cap went back in time what the hell even happened to the original (young cap) in that timeline? How did they coexist? How did people remember young cap and the main MCU events he was in when he was supposedly old by then (at least the time-travel version)?

  3. I’ll go first in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark even if Indiana Jones wasn’t there the Nazis would still find the ark take it to the island and die Indiana Jones serve no purpose in that film

  4. Here’s one from an old thread.

    Alright, bear with me for a moment.

    In the movie “Black Dynamite,” there’s a scene in which the main character – Black Dynamite – explains an expansive conspiracy theory to his cohorts.

    BLACK DYNAMITE: Wait… Bullhorn, what did you just say? You said “melt in your mouth.” Quick, what else melts in your mouth?!


    BLACK DYNAMITE: Exactly! And not in your hands! Who makes M&Ms?

    MILITANT: Mars Candy Company make it. Yeah, yeah.

    BLACK DYNAMITE: And Mars is also…

    SAHEED: The Roman god of war!

    BLACK DYNAMITE: Who is the Greek god of war?

    MILITANT: Ares!

    BLACK DYNAMITE: Now, you take Mars and spell it backwards, drop the S.

    CREAMY CORN: Ram! And ram is the zodialogical sign for Ares… and Ares’ half-sister is Athena.

    BLACK DYNAMITE: Now you’re getting it!

    CREAMY CORN: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Athena, Athens.

    SAHEED: Which is the capital of Greece.

    BLACK DYNAMITE: And as we all know, zodialogical astronomy was created by the Greeks in…

    EVERYONE: 785 B.C.

    MILITANT: And 785 is the area code to Topeka… oh, my god… 785 is the area code to Topeka, Kansas!

    EVERYONE: Code Kansas!

    BLACK DYNAMITE: Now take that, spell it backwards and drop the S.

    MILITANT: Snake doc. Snake doctor, yeah!

    BLACK DYNAMITE: Yes… and brothers, who is the Greek demigod of medicine, who believed that snakes’ tongues had mystical healing powers?

    CREAMY CORN: Aesculapius, of course. He had a staff with snakes intertwining all around that bitch. They called it Aesculapius’ staff. It’s a symbol the medical field uses to this day.

    BLACK DYNAMITE: Now, what legend involving snakes is in both Greek and Roman mythology? Now, come on. It involves Aesculapius’ own father.

    RANDOM WOMAN: Apollo!

    BLACK DYNAMITE: Yeah. Thanks, lady.

    SAHEED: That’s right! Apollo slew the serpent at Delphi, which was a big-ass snake.

    BLACK DYNAMITE: And what, brothers, is the biggest snake in the world?

    RANDOM WOMAN: The South American anaconda.

    BLACK DYNAMITE: What she said.

    EVERYONE: Anaconda Malt Liquor!

    BLACK DYNAMITE: And what is the slogan for Anaconda Malt Liquor? Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you…


    BLACK DYNAMITE: And who else is famous for that?

    EVERYONE: Little Richard!

    BLACK DYNAMITE: So, what they’re really saying is…

    EVERYONE: Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you… Little Richard?

    BLACK DYNAMITE: What is another word for Richard?

    Everyone rushes from the room to see their cohort splayed out on a couch.

    BLACK DYNAMITE: (CONT’D) Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you a little dick!

    Now, I completely understand that the movie is a comedy, just as I understand that the scene in question was supposed to be ridiculous and unnecessary… but here’s the thing: Black Dynamite was set in the seventies, and Topeka’s area code was 913 until 1997!

    TL;DR: A crucial detail was incorrect in one of the most intricate conspiracy theories ever.


  5. Movie plot hole: If Ant-Man was stuck in the quantum realm for 5 years and it felt like 5 hours to him, Hank Pyms wife was stuck in there for 30 years so it should’ve felt like 30 hours for her but they still aged her up.

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